Overview of the Permanent Fire Pit

Steps to build a backyard fire pit from standard bricks
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The permanent fire pit, like the portable fire pit, has become an integral piece of a backyard that portrays the creativity and expression of the contemporary homeowner. The in-ground fire pit brings back memories of days around the campfire.

It plays a crucial role in establishing the backyard area as an enjoyable place where family and friends can gather for parties, team events, get-togethers, or just quiet times around a fire. A permanent fire pit has the characteristic of putting people at ease as they gaze into the flames and is conducive to more comfortable social interaction around the fire pit.

A crackling fire on a beautiful evening is most conducive to fire pit therapy.

There are two types of permanent fire pits. One has the stone or brick walls of the fire pit surrounding a depression on the earth that is about 18 inches deep while the other type uses the flat ground as the base surrounded by the brick.

If you have sufficient area in your backyard and flat ground, either of these types of fire pits can change your perspective of the backyard. Both types are equally attractive and can easily fit into the landscape plans of any open space.

These types of fire pits can stand alone and not lose their appeal when combined with the many options available to the creative homeowner. Some have incorporated their fire pit into their patio to give a more inclusive look. Always make sure that you follow any local building regulations before embarking on this adventure.

Planning and building a permanent fire pit can be an enriching experience for the do-it-yourself owner and family.

Including the family in all aspects of the fire pit can be very educational. Research of the materials and where to get them, designing where the pit will go and what type is best for the area, and what seating will fit best can be a fun family project.

Then when the time comes for constructing a permanent fire pit in the backyard, all will be well acquainted with what must be done and how to do it.

Each can have a task or all can pitch in together. Think how satisfying the family project will be when you have the first pit fire. As always, fire pit safety must be uppermost in everyone’s mind. Lately, senior citizens have become big enthusiasts of backyard pits.


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