Plant Fast, Grow Fast: Discover the Top Fastest-Growing Trees

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Are you in search of a quick solution to turn your barren landscape into a lush and green haven? Planting fast-growing trees can be the answer you’re looking for. These trees won’t just help you achieve an immediate foliage boost but also come with several environmental benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the fastest-growing trees and how they can benefit your property.

What are Fastest-Growing Trees?

Fastest-growing trees are trees that grow at a quicker rate than other trees. These trees grow at heights of more than three feet per year and can attain their maximum height in just a few short years. These trees are highly valued for shade, privacy screens, and as an instant solution to help build lush landscapes.

The Top Fastest-Growing Trees

Here are some of the top fastest-growing trees that you can plant in your yard:

Hybrid Poplar

Hybrid poplars are the fastest-growing trees on the list, growing up to an astonishing eight feet per year. They have a broad and dense canopy, providing excellent coverage for shade and privacy. They are also great for carbon sequestration, which helps clean the air.

Red Sunset Maple

The Red Sunset Maple is a beautiful tree with bright orange/red foliage that changes color during the fall season. It can grow up to six feet in a year and is a popular tree for landscaping.

Arizona Ash

Arizona Ash is known for its quick growth and wide-spreading canopy. It can quickly reach up to six feet per year, providing fast shade to walkways, patios, and homes.

Japanese Cedar

The Japanese Cedar is a beautiful tree with a stunning green canopy. It grows up to five feet in a year and is perfect for lining driveways or as a privacy barrier.

How to Choose the Right Fastest-Growing Trees?

Choosing the right fastest-growing tree for your yard depends on several factors, such as your location, soil type, and sunlight exposure. Here’s what you should consider:

Climate Conditions

If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, such as cold winters or hot summers, consider planting a tree that’s native to your region and can withstand those conditions.

Soil Type

It’s essential to choose a tree that can thrive in your soil type. Conduct a soil test to determine the pH level of your soil and choose a tree that will grow best in that environment.

Sunlight Exposure

Different tree species require varying levels of sunlight exposure. For instance, a tree that requires full sun may struggle to grow in a shady area, and a tree that prefers a shaded location may struggle to grow in full sun.

Concluding Thoughts on Fastest-Growing Trees

Fastest-growing trees are excellent for providing quick results and are an excellent addition to any landscape. They not only help to enhance the tree’s aesthetic beauty of your property but also provide much-needed benefits such as improved air quality and other environmental benefits. Ensure that you consider the factors discussed when choosing the right tree for your property.

FAQs About Fastest Growing Trees

Q.1 What is the fastest-growing tree you can plant?

The hybrid poplar is the fastest-growing tree, growing up to eight feet per year.

Q.2 How long do fastest-growing trees take to reach full size?

Fastest-growing trees take about ten years or less to reach their maximum size.

Q.3 Is it a good idea to plant fast-growing trees?

Yes, fast-growing trees are an excellent option for providing quick results, and they also have several environmental benefits.

Q.4 What are some of the benefits of planting fast-growing trees?

Fast-growing trees help with oxygen production, air quality improvement, and even aid in reducing carbon footprint. They also help provide shade and privacy.


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