Best Costco Fire Pits

Best Costco Fire Pits
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Costco is one of the most used online shopping sites where you can buy a vast range of wholesale prices. One of the top reasons customers patronize Costco is because their prices are fair. Fire pits are among the numerous items you can buy on the site. If you want to purchase a fire pit, you can head to Costco as you can find quality and durable ones. Below are the best fire pits you can buy at Costco.

1. Great Canadian Fire Pit

Great Canadian Fire PitYou will find the durable outdoor fire pit as the best match for you to purchase at Costco. It features cutout shape designs (Canadiana or Moose Design) all around the fire bowl that makes it a very stylish product. These designs create an amazing and enjoyable sight when this fire pit is on. The Great Canadian Fire Pit was constructed with steel and stood stable on 3 legs. There is an outside safety ring attached to the fire bowl. This ensures that you don’t get too close to the fire pit. The safety ring can also serve as a handle you hold when you want to carry this fire pit. A mesh steel screen goes over the fire bowl, and it helps keep you safe from flying fire sparks and embers by keeping them in the fire bowl. When you buy this fire pit from Costco, you also get a fire poker, a grill, and a vinyl cover to cover it when you are not using it.


2. Muskoka 91.4 cm (36 in.) Fire Bowl

Muskoka 91.4 cm (36 in.) Fire BowlThe Muskoka fire bowl is a size efficient outdoor fire bowl. It is simple, designed just as any bowl will be but with beautiful leaf designs round it. It is a wood-burning fire bowl, made of thick steel and powder coated to be very durable. Despite its size, its 31 inches fire bowl still can hold many kinds of wood needed to create a warming fire. Being portable is also one of the reasons why this product is preferred. It is very lightweight and can be easily lifted, so carrying it is not difficult. There is a drain hole at the bottom of this product, so water cannot stay inside of it. It goes out almost immediately. This fire pit is ideal for use, whether it is day or night, and it is easy to use such that you do not have to do much to set it up.


3. Outland Propane Fire Table

Outland Living Series 401 Fire Pit TableThis is a much bigger and relatively expensive fire pit, but among the best you can find on Costco. It is a gas burning fire pit table and one of high quality. The frame is constructed with powder-coated aluminum with a tabletop made of tempered glass. The Outland Propane Fire Table is straightforward to use as it features an auto-ignition system, and the flame height is adjustable. This fire pit has a heat output of about 35,000 BTU, and it uses a standard 20 lb propane tank, which you have to get separately. The tank is concealed in the base, and the door in front makes it easy to access. A hose with a regulator is included, and this fire pit provides a smokeless flame.


4. Paramount Porter Stamped Aluminum Propane Fire Table

Paramount Porter Stamped Aluminum Propane Fire TableHere we have another propane fire pit table and a very luxurious one. As a tabletop fire pit, there is enough space at the top. You can place your drinks and others which you enjoy the warmth from the fire pit. The Paramount Porter Stamped Aluminum Propane Fire Table is constructed to be durable with a hammered bronze finish.

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It provides as much as 50,000 BTU of heat and has sturdy burners made of 304-grade stainless steel, which lights up with a Piezo ignition. When you purchase this product, you get half round fire beads that add beauty to the flames, and also, a water-resistant cover to the fire pit is securely covered when not in use. You can easily convert this fire pit to a normal table by covering it with the fire bowl lid.


5. Sunbeam Premium Collection Aluminum Linear Fire Pit

Sunbeam Premium Collection Aluminum Linear Fire PitLast on the list of Best Costco Fire Pits is the Sunbeam Premium Collection Aluminum Linear Fire Pit. It is an outdoor propane fire pit, rectangular and feat, ures a luxurious design and structure. The black finish makes it easy to blend with any outdoor decor, and it also features a waterproof aluminum frame. This linear fire pit uses a 20 lb tank. It does not come with one, so you should arrange to order it separately. The fire pit needs to be assembled. An included product manual will tell you just how to go about it to be difficult.  With a stainless steel burner and an easy to use ignition, the Sunbeam Premium Collection Aluminum Linear Fire Pit gives up to 50,000 BTU of heat. It comes with tempered glass and a tabletop lid to be easily converted to a regular table.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shop at Costco without a membership?

It is recommended that you shop at Costco with membership or at least go with an already registered member. You can't buy on Costco without being a member but, you can go with a member as a member is allowed to come with two guests

Does Costco save money?

Yes, you can save money when you purchase on Costco as the site allows you to buy in bulk at wholesale prices

Is a Costco membership worth it?

If you want to shop with Costco, you need to get a Costco membership, so it is worth it. You can't shop on Costco without being a member

How can I sign up with Costco?

You can sign up with Costco by visiting any of their warehouse location close to you or online through their membership registration page


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