DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas: Add Tranquility to Your Yard

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Are you looking to add a touch of tranquility and relaxation to your outdoor space? Look no further than a beautiful DIY water fountain for your yard. Not only do outdoor water fountains look stunning, but they also offer the soothing sounds of flowing water that can make any backyard feel like an oasis. Plus, with the variety of DIY options available, you can customize your outdoor water fountain to fit your exact style and space.

Choosing the Right DIY Water Fountain for Your Space

Before beginning your DIY outdoor water fountain project, there are a few things to consider to ensure your fountain fits your space and your style:

Size and Style

There are a variety of sizes and styles of water fountains to choose from. Consider the size of your outdoor space and choose a fountain that will fit appropriately without overwhelming the area. Also, think about the style of your yard and select a fountain that complements the existing décor.


Consider what materials you want to use for your DIY outdoor water fountain. Options include concrete, stone, metal, and even repurposed items like old pots or wine barrels. Choose your materials based on the style of the fountain and the durability needed to withstand your local weather conditions.

Water Supply

Consider where your water supply will come from and how it will be moved through the fountain. Will you have a pump or use gravity to move the water? Where will you place your fountain so that it is close enough to an outdoor water source?

The Best DIY Outdoor Water Fountains

Now that you’ve considered the basics, here are some fantastic DIY outdoor water fountain ideas to bring a peaceful serenity to your yard:

The Wine Barrel Fountain

Repurpose an old wine barrel by turning it into a stunning outdoor water fountain.

  • Materials: Wine barrel, submersible fountain pump, tubing, copper pipe, river rock, and a few other basic tools.
  • Instructions: Drill a hole in the center of each wine barrel, install copper pipe and tubing, attach a submersible fountain pump, and add river rocks for the water to flow over.
  • Style: This fountain can enhance any rustic or farmhouse-style outdoor space.

The Modern Concrete Fountain

Create a sleek and modern outdoor fountain with a few simple tools and materials.

  • Materials: Concrete mix, forms, water fountain spout, cement adhesive, submersible fountain pump, and a few basic tools.
  • Instructions: Mix concrete according to the instructions, create molds in your desired shape, let cure, and then assemble with the fountain spout, pump, and tubing.
  • Style: This fountain is perfect for modern and contemporary outdoor spaces.

The Tiered Garden Fountain

Create a stunning tiered garden fountain that will make your yard feel like a luxurious retreat.

  • Materials: Stone tiers, submersible fountain pump, tubing, and a few other basic tools.
  • Instructions: Arrange the stone tiers in a tiered fountain design, drill holes in each, and install the submersible fountain pump and tubing to create the water flow.
  • Style: This fountain is perfect for classic or traditional garden spaces.

Concluding Thoughts

DIY outdoor water fountains can transform your outdoor space into a peaceful and relaxing oasis. With a bit of creativity and a few basic materials, you can create a customized water feature to fit your style and space. From a simple container fountain to a more elaborate tiered design, the options are endless.


1. How much do DIY outdoor water fountains typically cost?

Depending on the size and materials used, DIY outdoor water fountains can cost anywhere from $50 to over $500.

2. What type of maintenance is required for outdoor water fountains?

Maintenance requirements will depend on the type of fountain and its materials. In general, outdoor water fountains should be cleaned regularly to prevent buildup and clogging. Pumps should also be regularly inspected and cleaned or replaced as needed.

3. Can outdoor water fountains attract wildlife?

It is possible for outdoor water fountains to attract birds and other wildlife, which can add to the ambiance of your outdoor space. However, be sure to consider any potential risks to the wildlife and your fountain’s materials, particularly if you live in an area with high wildlife activity.


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