The Most Popular Garden DIYs on YouTube in 2020: A Comprehensive Guide

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Gardening has always been a popular hobby, but in 2020, it experienced a massive resurgence due to the pandemic. With more people spending time at home, many discovered the joys of nurturing their outdoor spaces and taking up new DIY projects. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own garden, look no further than YouTube. In this article, we’ll explore the most popular garden DIYs on YouTube in 2020.

DIY Raised Garden Beds

One of the most popular garden DIYs this year has been raised garden beds. These DIY projects are great because they allow you to create a customized garden bed that is just the right size and height for your needs. Plus, they can be made with a variety of materials, from wood to cinder blocks to metal.

Some popular videos on this topic include “How to Build a Raised Garden Bed” by Homestead Acres, and “DIY Raised Garden Bed for Under $30” by Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable.

DIY Vertical Gardens

Another popular garden trend this year has been vertical gardens. These gardens are ideal for small spaces or for those who want to create a statement piece in their yard. With vertical gardens, you can grow plants vertically instead of horizontally, making them perfect for balconies and small patios.

Some popular videos on this topic include “DIY Vertical Garden” by Garden Answer, and “DIY Vertical Garden Wall Planter with Plans” by DIY Creators.

DIY Composting

Composting is a great way to reduce waste and nourish your garden at the same time. In recent years, there has been a surge in interest in composting, and this year was no exception. Many people turned to YouTube for tips on how to get started with composting.

Some popular videos on this topic include “How to Compost for Beginners” by Epic Gardening, and “Building a Compost Bin from Pallets” by Gardening at 58 North.

DIY Garden Paths

Creating a garden path can be a fun DIY project that can add functionality and beauty to your yard. There are many materials you can use to create a path, from stepping stones to gravel to wood chips.

Some popular videos on this topic include “How to Lay a Garden Path” by B&Q, and “DIY Garden Path | Cheap Pavers | Pavers | Backyard Makeover” by Alexandra Gater.

DIY Garden Furniture

Finally, garden furniture is another popular DIY project that many people tackled this year. From benches to tables to planters, there are endless possibilities for customizing your own outdoor furniture.

Some popular videos on this topic include “DIY Modern Outdoor Sofa” by HomeMade Modern and “DIY Rope Ottomans” by The Sorry Girls.

Concluding Thoughts on Most Popular Garden DIYs on YouTube in 2020

2020 has been a year like no other, and many of us turned to our gardens for solace and respite. The good news is that there has never been a better time to take up gardening as a hobby, thanks in part to the wealth of information available on YouTube. We hope these popular garden DIYs have inspired you to embark on your own outdoor projects and have given you the tools to do so.

FAQs about Most Popular Garden DIYs on YouTube in 2020

What are some other popular garden DIYs on YouTube?

In addition to the DIY projects listed in this article, other popular garden DIYs on YouTube include creating a water garden, building a trellis, and making a DIY birdhouse.

Are these projects suitable for beginners?

Yes! Many of these projects are perfect for beginners, especially if you take the time to watch the instructional videos on YouTube. Plus, it’s a great way to learn new skills and get comfortable with tools.

What should I do if I encounter problems during my DIY project?

Don’t panic! Many DIY projects encounter some hiccups along the way. If you’re stuck, try watching more YouTube videos or reaching out to online communities for help. It’s also a good idea to start with a small project first to get comfortable with the process.


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