Add Outdoor Ambiance to Patio with a Decorative Water Feature

Add Outdoor Ambiance to Patio with a Decorative Water Feature
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Create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere on your deck or patio with the inclusion of a water feature.

Trickling fountains and flowing waterfalls can make your outdoor room a motivating stop in the morning and the place you relax before going to bed at night.

The sounds of moving water can entice guests into an outdoor area when one is entertaining. Attract friends and family to your outdoor space by adding a patio water feature.

Choosing a Water Feature

Add Outdoor Ambiance to Patio with a Decorative Water FeatureMany decorative features are simple to install and will work from your existing water source. Others use bottled, distilled water and are refilled manually. Easy instructions are often included and require little time and effort to install.

Most chain and home improvement stores offer some version of this four-tiered decorative feature, featuring a Mosaic design and solar panel.

Instructions boast of easy assembly, but before purchasing any assembly-required product, make sure to read the instructions and online reviews written by those who have already purchased the product.

Many attractive patioMany attractive patio water features, such as the Three Vase Fountain, require no more than plugging in the pump.

The cost of such features is often minimal compared to the pleasure they provide.

Wall-mounted water features have gained recently popularity and their location often attracts thirsty birds and butterflies that may stop by regularly for a drink.

A patio fountain may also become a water source for those beneficial insects organic gardeners hope to attract.

Create a Unique Feature

Create a Unique FeatureYou may wish to create your own charming water feature, if so, many good ideas and designs are provided by Ortho and other experts.

To make your own decorative waterfall or fountain, you will need to purchase a pump and tubing to carry the water to the body of the fountain.

Most of these ideas are adaptable; allowing one to make the patio or deck feature unique.

Create a Unique FeatureFind a basic plan and allow your creativity to surface. Use more than one water feature on the patio and throughout the garden to provide a sense of continuity.

Create a Unique FeaturePatio water features may soothe the senses and provide sound therapy, art therapy, and purify the air, as well as the obvious aesthetic value they offer to outdoor spaces. With all these advantages, perhaps you will add one now. Beware; your guests may be loath to leave such a pleasant atmosphere!


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