Fast Growing Trees for Privacy from Neighbours: Know Your Options

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As cities and towns continue to grow, yards and lots are getting smaller and closer together, leaving many homeowners in need of privacy from their neighbours. While fences and walls can provide an adequate barrier, they are expensive and can be unappealing. That’s where fast-growing trees come into play. Not only do these trees provide privacy, but they also add an element of natural beauty to any outdoor space. In this article, we will discuss the different types of fast-growing trees for privacy that are available, and how you can choose the best option for your needs.

Detailed Discussion on Fast Growing Trees for Privacy from Neighbours

Choosing the right tree for your space will depend on several factors, including soil type, lighting conditions, planting zones, water availability, and the tree’s growth rate. Here are some of the fast-growing trees that experts recommend for privacy reasons:

Thuja Green Giant

The Thuja Green Giant is a popular option for homeowners looking for a fast-growing privacy wall. It can grow up to three feet per year and easily reaches a height of up to 60 feet with a 12-20 foot spread. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance and is relatively pest-free. This tree is also tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions and can thrive in a variety of lighting levels.

Dawn Redwood Trees

Dawn Redwoods are a beautiful option for anyone looking to add a stunning focal point to their yard while also providing privacy. These trees can grow up to 100 feet tall, so they are ideal for larger lots. They have a rich green foliage in the summer, turning to reds and browns in the fall. Dawn Redwoods prefer an abundance of water, so it’s important to keep them well-watered.

Willow Hybrid Trees

If you’re looking to have full privacy within two years, the Willow Hybrid is a great option. It can grow up to 12 feet per year and reaches a height of up to 40 feet at a fast pace. It has beautiful, slender leaves that are rustling in the gentlest breeze, making it a perfect option for both screening and as an ornamental tree. Moreover, it’s naturally resists pests, making it a low-maintenance option.

Concluding Thoughts on Fast Growing Trees for Privacy from Neighbours

Choosing fast-growing trees for privacy can be an excellent way to cut down on the cost and maintenance of fences while also adding natural beauty to your backyard. Keep in mind the size of your space, your soil and lighting conditions, and your local climate when selecting the right tree for your needs. Remember to prune your trees regularly to keep their shape in check and to ensure steady growth.

FAQs About Fast Growing Trees for Privacy from Neighbours

What is the fastest-growing privacy tree?

There are many fast-growing privacy trees, but the Thuja Green Giant is one of the quickest options, providing height and privacy in as little as a few years. The Willow Hybrid Tree is another fast-growing alternative, reaching up to 12 feet per year with slender leaves that rustle in the wind.

How tall do fast-growing trees for privacy grow?

The height of your fast-growing trees will vary depending on the species you choose and your local growing conditions. Some trees, like the Thuja Green Giant, can reach up to 60 feet tall, while other varieties like the Willow Hybrid can reach up to 40 feet at a faster pace. To ensure the right height for your privacy needs, research the growth rate and natural height of the species before planting.

What are the benefits of using trees for privacy instead of a fence?

Trees can be a natural, beautiful alternative to traditional privacy fences. They provide habitat for wildlife, help to improve air quality, and can be more cost-effective than fencing in the long-run. Additionally, trees require less maintenance than fences and can significantly increase curb appeal.

Which tree is best for privacy in small backyards?

For small backyards, try the Willow Hybrid Tree. This tree grows quickly and was specially designed to fill small backyards. Alternatively, the Thuja Green Giant and Emerald Green Arborvitae both have a narrow and compact herbaceous structure that makes it a perfect candidate for small landscaping.

In conclusion, choosing the right fast-growing trees for privacy can benefit your pocket as well as your home’s curb appeal. Take into account soil and lighting conditions, as well as the tree’s growth rate, and find the option that best suits your needs. Trees can be a sustainable and beautiful alternative to traditional privacy options.


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