How Much Does a Handgun Cost?

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Handguns have become increasingly popular over the years, especially in the United States. Many people own handguns for personal safety, recreational shooting, or even as part of their job as law enforcement officers. However, the cost of a handgun can vary significantly, depending on various factors. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of how much does a handgun cost.

Detailed Discussion on How Much Does a Handgun Cost

When considering buying a handgun, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of a single handgun can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The factors that impact the cost include:

Type of Handgun

The type of handgun you choose is one of the key factors that determine its cost. There are three main types of handguns, each with its own set of pros and cons:

  • Revolver: Revolvers are a classic type of handgun that features a revolving cylinder. They are generally reliable and simple to operate, making them a popular choice for beginners. The average cost of a revolver ranges from $300 to $1,500.
  • Semi-automatic pistol: Semi-automatic pistols are some of the most popular handguns in the world. They utilize a spring-loaded magazine to feed rounds into the chamber. These types of handguns are generally more complex than revolvers and have a higher ammo capacity. The average cost of a semi-automatic pistol ranges from $350 to $2,500.
  • Derringer: A Derringer is a small handgun that typically has only two rounds. Despite their small size, Derringers pack a punch and are ideal for personal defense. The average cost of a Derringer ranges from $150 to $1,000.

Brand and Model

The brand and model you choose can also significantly impact how much a handgun costs. Generally, more popular, established brands come with a higher price tag. Some of the most popular handgun brands include Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Sig Sauer.


The caliber of a handgun refers to the diameter of its bullet. There are a wide variety of calibers available, each with its own unique features. Generally, the larger the caliber, the more expensive the handgun.

New or Used

Whether you buy a new or used handgun can also impact its cost. A new handgun will typically cost more than a used one, but a used handgun may have certain drawbacks such as wear and tear and the absence of a manufacturer’s warranty.

Concluding Thoughts on How Much Does a Handgun Cost

As we’ve seen, the cost of a handgun can vary greatly based on factors such as its type, brand, caliber, and whether it’s new or used. When considering purchasing a handgun, it’s important to consider your needs and budget, and do your research to find the right handgun for you.

FAQs About How Much Does a Handgun Cost

What is the Average Cost of a Handgun?

The average cost of a handgun ranges from $150 to $2,500, depending on various factors.

Why Are Some Handguns More Expensive Than Others?

Some handguns are more expensive than others due to several factors: brand and model, type of handgun, caliber, and whether it’s new or used.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Handgun?

When buying a handgun, consider factors such as your needs, budget, and the purpose of the handgun. Do your research and consult with professionals to ensure you purchase the right handgun for your needs.

Can You Purchase a Handgun Online?

Yes, you can purchase a handgun online, but it must first be shipped to a registered firearms dealer where you’ll have to pick it up.

How Often Do I Need to Replace a Handgun?

With proper maintenance and care, a handgun can last for several years or even decades. However, it’s crucial to keep it adequately cleaned, oiled, and checked regularly for wear and tear.

What are Some Places to Purchase Handguns?

You may purchase handguns from gun dealers, gun shows, or online marketplaces that offer firearms.

In conclusion, as you consider the possibility of purchasing a handgun, keep in mind that the cost may be influenced by several factors as outlined in this article. Ensure you find the right handgun for your needs and budget and practice responsible ownership and usage to ensure maximum safety and value over time.


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