Make Your Backyard a Personal Retreat

Make Your Backyard a Personal Retreat
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Everyone has their only personal space. They need it for seclusion from the stress and problems of the real world. Some people have a den or reading room. Some like their patio or deck.

But, many individuals like their backyard. This article will give you some ideas on how to transform your backyard into your personal retreat.

First, get some good ideas. ” Knowledge is free.”

backyardYou can pick up some old “Better Homes and Gardens” magazines. “This Old House” has a great magazine, too. You can also look in newspapers and catalogs for some great ideas. Use these to think outside the box (garden).

Do as much groundwork as you can before you start. Another fantastic idea is to attend a Spring Garden Show. Take some pictures of your yard as it is. Take those with you and ask for ideas.

Do some yard prep work, too.

backyardTurn over your beds. Haul in some fresh mulch and rock. Remove freshly sprouted saplings. Rake up old winter trash that the wind has collected for you. Do some necessary pruning.

Try to make your yard as neat as possible. Maintenance in the Spring also lets you know what lived and died during the winter months.

If you have invasive perennials, they can provide great growth and value to your backyard. They can fill an entire space and are low-maintenance plants. Sometimes a garden center will place three plants in a container and charge you for one. Break up the soil well so that you can plant all three.

When you consider lighting, you want to space it out evenly. Try not to clutter an area with light that you don’t need. You want to show off your backyard, not your lights. Just try to place the lights so that they light the way where people take their traffic.

Use other objects

backyardYou can place a trellis or two, a broken gate, or a wagon wheel. Old farm equipment like a hand push plow blade can make for great yard artifacts. A small birdbath or a park bench can add to your backyard as well.

When you make a decision to buy furniture, don’t get cheap. You want furniture that will last and stand up to the ever-changing weather patterns.

One great advantage to having a backyard as personal space is that you have to share it. Birds, insects, and little furry creatures will often visit Your backyard. Encourage them by providing a little water and food for them.

You don’t have to be an expert to develop your own place. Yet, you can make it the way that you want it.


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