Smoked Spatchcock Turkey: A Delicious and Easy Way to Prepare Thanksgiving Turkey

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What is a Smoked Spatchcock Turkey?

Spatchcocking is a technique of preparing poultry or game by removing its backbone and flattening it before cooking. A smoked spatchcock turkey is essentially a turkey that has been butterflied and smoked over low heat until it’s succulent and flavorful. It’s an incredibly juicy way to serve turkey that is surprisingly easy to do.

How to prepare a Smoked Spatchcock Turkey:

To spatchcock a turkey, you will need to remove the backbone. Cut along both sides of the backbone with scissors or a knife, and then flip the turkey over on its chest and press it flat. After that, season the turkey generously with your preferred spice rub or marinade. Heat a smoker to 275-300 F, and then put the turkey in the smoker, flat side down, for around 2-3 hours or until the internal temperature reaches 165 F.

The Benefits of Smoking a Turkey

Smoking your turkey adds a complex, savory flavor that you can’t get from traditional roasting. Additionally, smoking locks in more moisture, so the meat stays moist and juicy.

FAQs on Smoked Spatchcock Turkey

What kind of wood should I use for smoking a spatchcock turkey?

You can use any wood that you prefer for smoking a turkey, but some popular choices include apple, pecan, and hickory.

Should I brine my turkey before smoking it?

It’s up to you. Brining a turkey can help it stay more moist during smoking, but it’s not always necessary. If your turkey has already been injected with a solution, then you wouldn’t need to brine it since it has already been seasoned and flavored.

Can I smoke a spatchcock turkey on a gas grill?

Yes, absolutely! You can still achieve the same smoky flavor by using wood chips in a smoker box on your gas grill.


Smoked Spatchcock Turkey is a fantastic option for Thanksgiving or any other occasion, it’s delicious, simple to make, and will amaze your friends and family. With this guide and some courage, you will be well on your way to creating a perfect smoked spatchcock turkey that everyone will enjoy.


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