The Perfect Pellet Grill Steaks: Tips and Tricks

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Steak is a simple but elegant dish that is enjoyed all over the world. Cooking it perfectly can be a challenge, and different cooking methods can bring out different flavors and textures. In recent years, the pellet grill has become a popular choice for many backyard chefs looking to elevate their grilling game. In this article, we’ll explore how to cook the perfect steak on a pellet grill and why it’s worth the effort.

What is a pellet grill?

Before we dive into how to cook the perfect steak on a pellet grill, let’s first discuss what a pellet grill is. A pellet grill is a type of grill that uses wood pellets as fuel. These pellets are made from compressed sawdust and come in a variety of wood types, including mesquite, oak, hickory, and others. The pellets are fed into a hopper, which then drops them into a firebox where they are ignited. The grill uses an electric auger to control the rate at which the pellets are fed into the fire, allowing for consistent temperature control.

Why cook steak on a pellet grill?

Pellet grills have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility and convenience. One of their most significant advantages is their ability to maintain a steady temperature, which is crucial when cooking steak. The temperature control allows for a consistent cooking environment, resulting in a juicy and tender steak. The wood pellets also add a distinct smoky flavor that is difficult to replicate with other cooking methods.

The perfect pellet grill steak: Tips and Tricks

Now, let’s dive into how to cook the perfect steak on a pellet grill. Follow these tips and tricks to take your steak to the next level:

1. Choose the right cut

The quality of the steak is essential, but so is the cut. Different cuts have different fat contents and textures, which affect how they cook and taste. Some popular steak cuts include ribeye, filet mignon, sirloin, and New York strip. Choose a cut that fits your preferences and budget.

2. Season it well

Seasoning is key when it comes to steak. A simple seasoning of salt and pepper can do wonders, but feel free to experiment with different herbs and spices to add flavor. It’s best to season the steak at least 30 minutes before cooking to allow the flavors to penetrate the meat fully.

3. Let it rest

After cooking, it’s essential to let the steak rest for a few minutes to allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat. This will result in a juicier and more tender steak. Cover the steak with foil and let it rest for at least 5-10 minutes before slicing.

4. Use a meat thermometer

Using a meat thermometer is crucial when cooking steak. It allows you to monitor the internal temperature of the meat and ensure that it’s cooked to your desired doneness. Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the steak, away from the bone, and remove the steak from the grill when it reaches your desired temperature.

5. Perfect the sear

A good sear is an essential part of cooking steak. It creates a flavorful crust on the outside while locking in the juices inside. To sear the steak, turn up the heat on the pellet grill to high and place the steak directly on the grates. Sear the steak for about 1-2 minutes on each side until it reaches your desired crust.


Cooking the perfect steak is a combination of science, skill, and experience. Using a pellet grill can make the process easier and more consistent, resulting in a juicy and tender steak with a distinct smoky flavor. Follow these tips and tricks to take your steak to the next level and impress your family and friends at your next backyard barbecue.

FAQs about pellet grill steaks

What are the best pellets to use for steak?

Mesquite, oak, and hickory are popular options for steak because they add a strong smoky flavor that pairs well with the rich flavors of the meat. However, it’s a matter of personal preference, so feel free to experiment with different wood types to find your favorite.

What temperature should I cook steak on a pellet grill?

The ideal temperature for cooking steak on a pellet grill is between 375-450°F. This allows for a good sear while ensuring that the inside of the steak is cooked evenly.

How long should I cook steak on a pellet grill?

The cooking time varies depending on the thickness and cut of the steak, as well as your desired doneness. As a general rule, cook steak for about 4-6 minutes per side for medium-rare, 6-8 minutes per side for medium, and 8-10 minutes per side for well-done. Use a meat thermometer to ensure that the internal temperature reaches your desired doneness.


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