Which outdoor Pation furniture can be left outside for the winter?

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Your patio furniture can make or break your outdoor space. It is important to choose durable furniture that can withstand the elements. Patio furniture can be expensive, so make sure they last for many years.

Your location may limit the time you have to use your patio furniture during the warmer months. Winter brings snow and extreme cold, so patio furniture is often left outside. Is snow good for outdoor furniture? Can patio furniture be stored outside during winter?

You can leave your patio furniture outside during winter. When patio furniture is left outside during winter, it is important to seal and protect it. To prevent damage, it is a good idea to store patio furniture in storage if you live somewhere that receives a lot of snow.

Outdoor furniture can be damaged by snow in many ways. The heavyweight snow can easily bend and crack patio furniture. Furniture damage can be made more likely by the constant pressure and fluctuating temperatures.Which outdoor Pation furniture can be left outside for the winter?

There are many materials that can be used to make patio furniture. They all have incredible durability and resistance against heat and cold. Some furniture is not suitable for winter. Materials can be easily damaged by snow, freezing temperatures, and even dampness or moisture.

It’s time to discuss patio furniture types that can and cannot be stored outside during winter, as well as how to store and prepare your furniture for winter.

What kind of patio furniture can be left outside during winter?

Some patio furniture can be left outside during winter. Others cannot. You should also consider where you live as this will tell you how much snow to expect for the season. You might also experience hail in your area that could cause even more damage to furniture.

Here is a list with patio furniture that can be used outside in winter.


You are correct. Wood. This does not mean all wood.

Wooden furniture designed for outdoor use is usually treated to withstand extreme weather. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your furniture won’t wear over time. As time passes, you will need to re-paint or retreat your wooden furniture.


Teak furniture can be placed outside in winter, but it is best to cover it with a breathable fabric. Teak furniture will be stronger against winter storms if properly protected with teak oil.


Wood furniture can be kept outside all year long if it is properly maintained and treated. Untreated lumber can quickly rot if left out in the winter. For the best protection of wooden furniture, I recommend covering it with a durable and breathable material that is breathable to prevent mold.

Read my detailed article about how to treat untreated wood for outdoor use. This applies to furniture you have made, but it can also be used for outdoor wooden items.


Plastic furniture is completely water-resistant and doesn’t rust so you don’t have to worry about it. To prevent further damage to your property (or others’), make sure they aren’t too lightweight that they can be blown away by wind. Certain brands of patio furniture made from outdoor plastic are extremely weather-resistant. These patio furniture pieces can withstand 12 months of winter and are easy to maintain.

Plastic patio furniture that is durable and thick is best. Usually, these are the recycled furniture pieces made to look like wood. Polywood is my favorite brand of plastic, while PolyTEAK is another great option. They are made from thick weather-resistant recycled plastic that will last all year.


Resin and recycled plastic furniture will be fine in winter, but patio furniture made of cheap plastic is more likely to break down from the wind and snow.


Is it possible to leave rattan furniture outside during winter? If you live in an area that receives only light snowfall, it is safe to leave high quality rattan furniture outside for winter. Most rattan furniture is waterproof and can withstand the cold. You should not leave cheap rattan furniture outside in winter as it can quickly fall apart.

You can cover it if you want to protect it. Be sure to bring any cushions with you, even if they are not waterproof.


Only light snowfalls will cause rattan furniture to be broken quickly. Heavy snow can also cause metal frames and doors to rust.


We now know which patio furniture can be left outside during winter. Let’s look at the other side.Which outdoor Pation furniture can be left outside for the winter?

You should note, however, that some materials are not allowed outside unless they have been treated. You should avoid teak, steel, and wood.


Metal can rust and corrode, which is one of its biggest weaknesses. If you want to keep your metal furniture out of the cold, ensure that it has been treated.


Aluminum is water-resistant, but it is not recommended to be outside during winter months. Aluminum is a metal and parts might not be treated against moisture or snow, which can lead to rust quickly.

Store metal patio furniture insideThis is the best choice for metal furniture. It will protect against rust and corrosion. You can cover your furniture in light winters, but there is still a high risk of it rusting.


Wicker is a weaved design, not a material. However, there are many pieces of this furniture that can be found on a low budget and are not recommended for winter. Wicker can crack or rot easily under snow. Even extreme temperatures and moisture can cause severe damage.

Wicker should always be kept inside. You can only leave it outside if there is very little snow or if you have high-quality wicker furniture like the one below.


Is it possible to leave rattan furniture outside during winter? If you live in an area that receives only light snowfall, it is safe to leave high quality rattan furniture outside for winter. Most rattan furniture is waterproof and can withstand the cold. You should not leave cheap rattan furniture outside in winter as it can quickly fall apart.

You can cover it if you want to protect it. Be sure to bring any cushions with you, even if they are not waterproof.

You should not use it in heavy snowfalls. Heavy snow can quickly break down rattan furniture and cause metal frames to rust.


Stone furniture is often thought to be able to be stored outside during winter. Stones have natural cracks that allow for air and moisture to pass through. Stones expand and contract with repeated exposure to extreme heat or cold. Stones can crack or ruin furniture.

Stone furniture can crack from temperature changes and moisture. It may take time for the damage to be repaired. It can be left outside in winter, but as the weather changes, it will eventually catch up to the furniture and cause it to become brittle. Some furniture made from rock will not be an issue in your region. However, it is important to know the details of the materials used for its construction.

Stone can be integrated into outdoor decor and it can last for a very long time if properly maintained. Stone, brick, and similar materials cannot be easily stored. These items should be sealed and covered appropriately.


While wrought iron might be strong, iron can rust and become brittle. Bring them in the winter to be certain. Wrought iron furniture can be expensive so it is important to store them properly.

Before storing them, make sure to remove any rust and apply a corrosion-resistant finish to it so it won’t rust any further while being stored. The better the storage, the less moisture!


You should not leave your patio furniture cushions out in winter. When it is expected to rain or snow, patio cushions should be stored. Mold and mildew can develop if the cushion is left wet for too long.

No one wants to see soggy, damp, and smelly furniture when it’s winter. To avoid all the mess, store the fabrics!


It is important to understand how to store patio furniture that is not meant to be left out in the cold.

These are some suggestions for where to store patio furniture in winter.

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Storage unit
  • Space for family and friends
  • Basement
  • Cottage or Cabin


You must clean all furniture, regardless of whether it is to be stored inside or outside. This is to ensure that your furniture is clean and dry before you store it.

You can spray a disinfectant on plastic, synthetic tweak, or rattan and then wipe it clean.

Make sure to clean the corners of metals and any other difficult-to-clean areas. You can also check for rust to remove it.

Wood can be scrubbed with water, vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, and dried in the air.

Fabric should be washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some fabrics can be dried cleaned, while others can easily be machine washed.


Some furniture materials require a little bit of protection before they can be stored.

For example, wood needs to be protected from moisture. This applies to both the wood you store indoors and those you leave outside. Protective solvents may be a variety of wood oils, which are specifically designed for furniture. Tung, Linseed and Mineral oils, as well as many other wood oils, are suitable for outdoor use. Teak oil is the best oil to use for outdoor wood furniture. It penetrates deeply into wood and provides excellent weather resistance.

You can apply rust-and-corrosion-resistant finish on metals, aluminum, and wrought-iron. It can be treated to prevent rusting. They can still get wet if they are left indoors. You need to protect your furniture against moisture.


Find the perfect furniture cover. To prevent moisture from building up underneath, choose one that is breathable. Moisture can cause furniture to rust, crack, or grow mold and mildew.

You can purchase a variety of furniture covers online. If your furniture is not standard-sized, you can have them made to order. Make sure that they are made of dry materials and keep away from moisture.


Winter can be a difficult season, especially for those who live outdoors. You have a lot to do in your garden before winter arrives. The lawn, furniture and just about everything else.

It is important to determine the material of your patio furniture. This will help you protect it from winter damage and keep it in good condition. You can decide whether to keep it indoors or outside if you are certain about the type of furniture.

Remember the three C’s when preparing furniture for winter.

They should be cleaned from any dirt or other debris that could grow or multiply outside. Before moving on to the next step, dry them thoroughly.

Protect them with a protective coating so that metal and wood furniture will not rust or break. Allow the coating to dry, then prepare them for covering.

You can cover them with a breathable material. You can buy patio furniture covers online made from polyester. If you need custom-made, you should be aware of this. There are also patio furniture covers for stackable chairs and seating that you can buy online.

This may seem like a lot of steps to take. It is worth it to protect your furniture and save money. Furniture that has been damaged is not eligible for insurance. Your furniture’s life expectancy can be extended by protecting it.