Astella Monolith Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Review

Astella Monolith Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Review
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Astella is a known production brand when it comes to home products. The Astella manufacturers aim to produce reliable and durable products that will last for use. This review will be looking at one of their outdoor fire pit products, the Monolith Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit. Let’s find out if the manufacturers keep their word.

Astella 24" Rd Wood Burning Fire Pit with Stainless Steel Burner Bowl
  • Overall dimensions: 24" Round by 18.5" High
  • Constructed from a durable powdercoated steel frame with 302 stainless steel burner bowl
  • Tools included are: Spark Screen for added safety, wood/grill grate and fire poker tool to safely remove spark screen and wood
  • Easy to assemble and fun to use

Product Description and features

Astella Monolith Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit ReviewThe Monolith Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit is a rectangular shaped fire pit that stands on four sturdy legs. It is entirely made from steel, both the exterior and the fire basin, and measures a little above 15 inches in height.

The fire basin features is a spacious one, it can contain a good number of woods, and it does not break down with heat as it is weather resistant. Assembling is just fitting the fire basin onto the steel panel, it is straightforward and does not take time, and the fire basin can still be removed from the steel panel, which makes cleaning very easy.

With a weight of just 33 lbs, this fire pit passes as a very lightweight one, which can be transported with ease. The fire pit does not come with a screen for containing fire sparks, it can still be used without one, or you can choose to get one.

Astella Monolith Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit ReviewIt also does not come with an outdoor cover. The product is weather-resistant, so it is less prone to damage from outdoor elements, but getting a cover for it is still recommended. Extra logs can be stored in the space beneath the fire pit to be easily accessed when needed.


  • Weather Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to assemble


  • No outdoor cover
  • No mesh spark screen


The Monolith Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit is a quality product and one of the best outdoor wood burning fire pit. Aside from its fact that it does not come with an outdoor cover and mesh spark screen, this fire pit is good in every other area. The Astella manufacturers did a good job, and this product is recommended for purchase.


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