Ralph Polyresin Propane Fire Pit Table Review

Ralph Polyresin Propane Fire Pit Table Review
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This fire pit by Freeport Park is a large one, and it measures about 24 inches in height and 45 inches in width, an ideal size for an outdoor fire pit table. It is a sturdy and durable unit made from quality materials, and the exterior was built with concrete and the fire area made from steel.

Ralph Polyresin Propane Fire Pit Table ReviewGetting the fire pit to work after purchase should not be difficult as no assembling is required, but you have to do a few installations. Connecting the propane tank – which you will purchase as a separate product – is the most work, and it is to be stored in the fire pit base.

There is door access on the left-hand side of the fire pit to access the base. The base can accommodate a maximum gas tank size of 20 pounds. It is easy to start the fire using the Ignition control, and all you have to do is push a button.Ralph Polyresin Propane Fire Pit Table Review

This fire pit has a heat output of 50,000 BTU, which will keep the place warm, and the flame is adjustable. It can be set either low or high. Lava rocks are included for the fire bowl. It is advantageous as it gives the flames a much better accent.

There is no storage or outdoor cover included, the fire pit is weather-resistant, so it should be able to hold up outdoors, but it’s still ideal for getting an outdoor cover for it. The Ralph Polyresin Propane Fire Pit Table is an outdoor fire pit and should remain so. It is to be used in an open space where ventilation should not be used in an enclosed area.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • High heat output


  • No outdoor cover


The Ralph Polyresin Propane Fire Pit Table by Freeport Park is a nice finish product, and it is also very functional. It is sold at a high price because it is of very quality itself. This fire pit is recommended as one of the best fire pit tables you can get. It is worth buying.


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