Companion Planting: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Cucumbers

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Are you wondering what plants make great companions for cucumbers? Cucumbers are a staple in many gardens and can be used in a variety of dishes to add flavor and crunch. However, growing healthy cucumbers isn’t always a guarantee. By selecting the right companion plants, you can help your cucumbers thrive. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of cucumber companion plants, their benefits, and how to grow them.

Understanding Cucumber Companion Plants

Companion planting is the idea that certain plants can be grown together to provide mutual benefits to each other. When planting cucumbers, it is essential to select plants that have strong beneficial relationships to help them grow and develop. The following are some cucumber companion plants that you can include in your garden.


If you’re growing cucumbers, consider growing corn. Corn provides an ideal structure for cucumbers to climb, helping you save space in your garden. Additionally, the companion planting of corn and cucumber also offers benefits to both plants. Corn releases chemicals that help repel harmful pests from the cucumber plants, giving the cucumber a better chance for success.


Planting marigold alongside cucumbers helps deter pests that can potentially harm your cucumber plants. Marigolds have a strong scent that repels insects like beetles and aphids. They also attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings which eat the harmful insects and their larvae. Therefore, plant marigold flowers around cucumber plants.


Planting radishes as cucumber companion plants can help repel cucumber beetles and other pests from munching on your cucumbers. Radish has a strong smell that is known to repel cucumber beetles and protect the cucumber plants. You can grow radishes in between rows of cucumber plants in your garden. The radish also helps loosen the soil, which promotes healthy root growth of the cucumber plants.


Basil is a great companion plant for cucumbers because it offers many benefits such as deterring pests and attracting pollinators. For best results, plant basil in between each cucumber plant. The aromatic scent of basil helps to repel pests such as flies and mosquitoes. Additionally, bees and other pollinators are attracted to the sweet scent of basil flowers, which helps in pollinating cucumber flowers.

Concluding Thoughts on Cucumber Companion Plants

Companion planting is an excellent way to help your cucumber plants thrive while reducing insect damage. Choose the right companion plants to help your cucumbers grow healthy and strong. Corn, marigold, radish, and basil are just a few examples of the many plants that can benefit your cucumber plants. Experiment with different companion plants to see which ones work best in your garden.

FAQs About Cucumber Companion Plants

1. What are the benefits of companion planting?

Companion planting offers many benefits including reducing insect damage, improving soil fertility, and boosting plant growth.

2. Can I grow cucumbers in shade?

Cucumbers require lots of water and sunlight to grow well. Therefore, it is recommended to grow cucumbers in a sunny area.

3. Can I plant cucumber seeds with other plants?

Yes, you can plant cucumber seeds with other plants. However, it is recommended to choose companion plants that do not compete for nutrients and can help support the growth of your cucumber plants.

4. Are there any plants that should not be planted with cucumbers?

Yes, there are plants that should not be planted with cucumbers. These include potatoes and melons because they are in the same plant family and are susceptible to the same diseases and pests. Additionally, cucumber plants can compete for nutrients and water with these plants.

In conclusion, companion planting can be an effective way of boosting the overall health and yield of your cucumber plants. By selecting the right companion plants, you can benefit your cucumbers in several ways such as repelling pests and pollinating the flowers. Give these cucumber companion plants a try and enjoy the bountiful harvest!


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