Everything You Need to Know About Strawberry Runners

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Strawberries are a beloved fruit all around the world. In fact, they’re so popular that there’s even a holiday dedicated to them – National Strawberry Day (February 27th). But have you ever heard of strawberry runners? These tiny plants are an essential part of growing strawberries, and they play a critical role in ensuring a bountiful harvest every season.

In this article, we’ll dive into all the details you need to know about strawberry runners – from what they are to how to care for them, and much more.

What are Strawberry Runners?

Strawberry runners, also known as stolons, are the tiny plants that emerge from the mother plant. They look like thin stems that grow horizontal to the ground. As the runners grow, they produce nodes that develop into tiny baby plants. These baby plants develop roots and stems, which eventually grow into mature strawberry plants.

How Do Strawberry Runners Help with the Growing Process?

Strawberry runners play a critical role in the propagation process and are essential for growing strawberries. They allow the mother plant to clone itself, produce more fruit, and expand its growing area. Runners also help keep the plant healthy by allowing for the distribution of nutrients and water throughout the plant. When left alone, runners will take root to ensure that a new generation of strong plants can thrive.

How to Care for Strawberry Runners

Caring for strawberry runners is relatively easy and requires minimal effort. Here are a few tips to help ensure your runners grow into strong and healthy plants:

  • Allow runners to grow to about 6 inches before rooting. This will ensure the new plants have enough energy to sustain themselves and grow strong roots.
  • Cut the runner once it has successfully rooted and has started developing its own roots and leaves.
  • Once the baby plant has roots and leaves, transplant it to a new location, at least six inches from the mother plant.
  • Be sure to water the newly transplanted plant regularly and keep it moist to promote growth.
  • Remove any dead or diseased leaves from both the mother plant and baby plants to promote healthy growth and prevent disease from spreading.

Concluding Thoughts on Strawberry Runners

Strawberry runners are a vital part of the growing process for this tasty fruit. Understanding how to care for them is essential to ensure the health and success of a strawberry plant. With the right care and a little patience, you can grow an abundance of delicious strawberries in your own backyard.

FAQs about Strawberry Runners

1. When should you remove runners from strawberry plants?

It’s best to remove runners once they’ve developed into baby plants and developed their own roots and leaves. This will ensure the baby plant has enough energy to thrive on its own, and it’s not competing with the mother plant for resources.

2. Can you plant a runner directly into the ground?

Yes, runners can be planted directly into the ground. However, it’s essential to ensure the soil is well-draining and has enough nutrients to promote healthy growth.

3. How many runners should you allow per mother plant?

It’s best to keep the number of runners per mother plant to about 2-3. This will ensure that the mother plant has enough energy to produce fruit while allowing for the propagation of new plants.

In conclusion, understanding how to care for strawberry runners can make all the difference in the success of your strawberry plants. With a little patience and a few simple steps, you can grow an abundance of delicious strawberries all season long. Happy growing!


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