How to Attract Owls to Your Garden: Tips and Tricks

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Have you ever marveled at the beauty and grace of owls and wished to see them up close? Owls make fantastic additions to your garden or backyard, and it’s not as hard as you think to attract them to your home. Owls are a symbol of wisdom and magic, and they play an important role in the food chain by keeping rodents and small mammals in check. In this article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to attract owls to your garden.

Creating the Perfect Habitat

Owls need a safe and secure habitat to roost and nest. They prefer areas that are sparsely populated and have plenty of trees with cavities. Here are some ways to create a suitable habitat for owls:

Plant Trees and Shrubs

Owls love older trees, so if you have any in your garden, make sure to preserve them. Trees provide both a source of food and a place to nest. You can also plant other native trees and shrubs that will attract insects and other prey that owls love to feed on.

Provide Nesting Boxes

Providing nesting boxes is a great way to attract owls. You can purchase or build an owl box with the right dimensions and place it in your garden or backyard. Make sure to place it in a high location, facing away from the wind and rain, and in a quiet area away from traffic.

Install Perches and Roosts

Owls need a place to perch and rest during the day. You can choose to install perches or roosts in your garden or backyard to create suitable habitat for owls. Make sure the perches are high above the ground, and there is enough room for the birds to fly in and out easily.

Attracting Prey

One of the most critical factors in attracting owls is providing a food supply. It’s important to diversify the food sources to attract different species of owls. Here are some ways to attract prey:

Plant Native Plants

Planting native plants in your garden is an excellent way to attract insects and small mammals, which are staple foods for owls. Butterflies, moths, and other small insects are attracted to native plants, which in turn attract small mammals.

Leave a Supply of Water

Owls need water to survive, so providing a supply of fresh, clean water is essential. You can install a birdbath or a shallow pond to attract small mammals and insects that owls prey on.

Create an Inviting Environment

Creating an inviting environment can help attract prey and, in turn, attract owls. Make sure to include plenty of hiding spots and cover for small mammals, such as grasses, shrubs, and bushes.

FAQs about Attracting Owls

What is the best time to hear owls?

Most owls are active during the night, so the best time to hear them is after dark. Some species may also be active during the early morning or late afternoon.

Are owls beneficial to have in your garden?

Yes, owls are a great addition to your garden as they help control the rodent population, which can cause damage to your garden.

Can I feed owls?

Feeding owls can be challenging, and it’s not recommended. It’s best to provide a suitable habitat and food supply to attract them to your garden naturally.


Attracting owls to your garden can be a rewarding experience and can help create a balanced ecosystem. By creating a suitable habitat, diversifying the food supply, and providing a water source, you can encourage these magnificent creatures to visit your garden. Remember to provide a safe and secure environment for them to roost and nest, and enjoy the beauty and wonder of these magical creatures.


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