How to Handle Broken Terracotta Pots

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From classic garden containers to indoor plants, terracotta pots are among the most popular choices for gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Terracotta pots, with their earthen charm, are sturdy and accent well with any decor style. However, over time, accidents can happen and they can break, leaving you feeling sad and frustrated at the loss of a favorite pot. In this article, we’ll discuss the do’s and don’ts of handling a broken terracotta pot and what you can do to recycle it into something new.

What to do with a broken terracotta pot

When a terracotta pot shatters, you might be tempted to throw it away. However, broken terracotta pots can be re-purposed in creative and practical ways. Here are some ideas on how to recycle your broken pot:

Create a Miniature Garden

A broken pot provides the perfect opportunity to create a miniature garden for your outdoor or indoor setting. To create one, you can use the largest pieces of your broken pot and arrange them in a vessel to form the base of your mini garden, filling the pieces with soil and small plants or succulents. Another option is to place the broken pot shards around a potted plant. By doing so, it not only adds an element of interest to your pot but also helps with the drainage.

Use the Pieces to Mark Plants

Terracotta pot pieces are a great way to mark your plants and herbs. You can write the plant’s name on the piece and place it next to the seedling or transplant. It adds a decorative touch and helps keep your garden organized!

Create a Terracotta Mosaic

You can use the shattered pieces of a pot to create a unique and beautiful terracotta mosaic. All you need is a small canvas or a piece of wood, glue, pot shards, and grout. Arrange the broken pieces into a design that pleases you and glue them onto the canvas or wood. Once the glue has dried, fill in the gaps with grout.

What NOT to do with a broken terracotta pot

Don’t Throw It In The Trash

Terracotta pots are made of clay and are easily recyclable. Throwing a broken pot in the trash is a waste and is bad for the environment. Instead, you can either recycle it or repurpose it into something new.

Don’t Ignore Sharp Edges

After a terracotta pot breaks, some of the pieces may have sharp edges that can cause a cut or wound. Be sure to handle the broken pot pieces with gloves and use caution when picking them up. Keep in mind that it may be a good idea to sand down these rough edges with sandpaper or discard them altogether.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Broken Pot

A broken pot can be a great opportunity to create something new for your garden. Instead of getting rid of it, use it to your advantage and transform it into something that can be enjoyed for a long time.


Broken terracotta pots may seem like a loss, but with a little creativity, you can turn it into something beautiful. By recycling or repurposing it, you can add a touch of uniqueness to your garden or home decor. Plus, knowing that your broken pot has found a new use can bring some extra satisfaction!

FAQs about Broken Terracotta Pots

Can broken terracotta pots be used for plants?

Yes! With a little creativity, you can make use of broken pot pieces to create a unique planter or use the shards to improve the drainage in a potted plant.

Are broken terracotta pots recyclable?

Absolutely! Terracotta pots are made of clay and can be easily recycled. Be sure to check your local recycling guidelines to know what to do with broken pot pieces in your area.

Can a broken terracotta pot be repaired?

Yes, but it’s usually not worth the effort. It’s better to repurpose the broken pot pieces into something new instead of attempting to repair it and potentially compromising its strength.


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