How to Train Your Chickens: A Beginner’s Guide

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Do you have chickens but are struggling with training them? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. While chickens may not be as smart as dogs or cats, they are still capable of learning and being trained. Training your chickens can make them easier to handle, reduce aggressive behavior, and even increase egg production. In this article, we’ll give you a beginner’s guide to train chickens effectively.

Understanding Chicken Behavior

Before we dive into the specifics of training your chickens, it’s important to understand their natural behavior. Chickens are social creatures who establish a hierarchy within their flock. In this pecking order, the dominant chicken will assert its dominance by pecking at lower-ranking birds. Chickens also have a natural instinct to scratch and peck at the ground in search of food.

Building Trust with Your Chickens

The first step in training your chickens is to establish a bond of trust and respect. Chickens are prey animals and can be easily frightened, so it’s important to approach them calmly and avoid sudden movements. Spend time with them every day, feed them treats by hand, and speak to them softly. This will help them associate you with positive experiences and make them more comfortable around you.

Training for Basic Obedience

Once your chickens trust you, you can start training them for basic obedience. For example, you can train them to come when called by establishing a consistent sound or phrase. You can also train them to go to a certain area of the coop by consistently feeding them in that location. To train them not to peck at your hands or clothes, use a spray bottle filled with water to lightly squirt them whenever they exhibit undesired behavior.

Training for Specific Tasks

Chickens can also be trained to perform specific tasks. For example, you can train them to come running to the sound of a bell, which can be useful if you need to call them back into the coop quickly. You can also train them to lay their eggs in a certain area of the coop, which can make egg collection easier.


Training your chickens can be a fun and rewarding experience. Remember to start by building trust and respect with your birds, and be patient as you work on obedience and specific tasks. By investing time and effort into training, you can make your chickens easier to handle and more enjoyable to be around.

FAQs about Train Chickens

Can You Train Chickens to Do Tricks?

Yes, chickens are capable of learning tricks just like other animals. Training them to do tricks requires patience and consistency, but it can be a fun way to bond with your birds.

How Long Does It Take to Train Chickens?

The amount of time it takes to train your chickens depends on the behavior you are trying to train and the individual birds. Some chickens may learn quickly, while others may take more time and patience.

What Are Some Common Mistakes When Training Chickens?

One mistake is not being patient enough. Chickens can be slow to learn, and it’s important to avoid getting frustrated and giving up too quickly. Another mistake is not being consistent in your training techniques, which can lead to confusion for your birds. Finally, avoid using harsh punishment, as this can damage the trust you’ve worked to build with your chickens.


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