Tips on How to Redecorate Your Home Beautifully with Mirrors

Tips on How to Redecorate Your Home Beautifully with Mirrors
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Without painting or putting up wallpaper, you can change the look of any room in your home by just adding mirrors.

No matter how much or how little room you have, mirrors come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit any space.

Here are some tips on how to redecorate your home beautifully with mirrors:

1. Lighten Up a Dark Room or Hallway

1. Lighten Up a Dark Room or HallwayWhen my friend Lisa wanted to redecorate and brighten up her small, dark-paneled living room, she simply bought eight square mirror tiles.

Lisa then attached them to the wall over the fireplace in two equal rows. The mirrors created more light in the room because they reflect natural light, as well as artificial lighting.

2. Add Depth, Width and Length to Rooms2. Add Depth, Width and Length to Rooms

Have you ever seen a room in a house- you may even have one like I do- that is long and skinny? Rather than a room, it reminds me of a tunnel.

You can fix the look of the room if you just redecorate by adding some mirrors. Here’s a tip you can use- hanging mirrors on the walls can help broaden the look of the room.

If you cover one short wall with mirror tiles, it will give the illusion that the room’s very long and seemingly never ends. Or, you can run a row or two of mirror tiles across one of the longer walls.

3. Cover Up Imperfections on Your Walls3. Cover Up Imperfections on Your Walls

Another tip on how to decorate your home beautifully with mirrors is to use them to cover up noticeable imperfections on the walls.

When my friend Lynn’s husband removed a wood stove from their home, there was a hole left where the chimney pipe had been.

He covered the hole, but it was still quite noticeable and unsightly. Lynn bought a long, fancy-framed mirror from an antique shop.

She chose a long mirror so she was able to hang the top up high to cover the imperfection on the wall. It looks great! The antique frame of the mirror complements her country home beautifully.

4. Cluster Mirrors in Interesting Arrangements4. Cluster Mirrors in Interesting Arrangements

You can redecorate your home by clustering together compatible pictures to make an interesting arrangement. You can do the same thing with mirrors.

Find different shapes and sizes of mirrors, then arrange them on a wall that needs some pizzazz.

You can cluster a large mirror with smaller ones or use all smaller mirrors. The possibilities are endless!

5. Use Framed, Movable Mirrors to Redecorate5. Use Framed, Movable Mirrors to Redecorate

My friend Rachel redecorated her living room beautifully when she added a pair of small mirrors to the room.

The mirrors are in white frames that are hinged together. Rachel turned them to form an “L.” Then, inside the L, she placed three white candles in varying heights.

When Rachel lights the candles, the mirrors add a rich-looking brightness to the entire room.

You can also purchase large, framed moveable mirrors to redecorate your home with. These are nice because they’re so versatile.

You can move them around to beautifully accent a dark corner, tall, decorative objects on the floor- anything you choose!

6. Mirrored Table Runners and Placemats6. Mirrored Table Runners and Placemats

Here’s another useful tip- place mirrored table runners and placemats on a dining room table, and the mirrors will pick up the overhead light and make the room dazzle.

They’ll also reflect centerpieces and any fancy dishes and tableware you use.

Finally, you can find mirrors in any home improvement store.

Also, look for interesting mirrors you can beautifully redecorate your home with at department stores, flea markets, auctions, dollar stores, craft stores and at estate and yard sales.


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