11 Best Square Fire Pits

Best Square Fire Pits
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Outdoor fire pits are available in different sizes and styles, so one always has to choose when purchasing. Thus, it is normal for prospective buyers to do research and read reviews before arriving at the best product. If you have decided that you need a square fire pit and are searching for the ideal one, the below list of the best square fire pits will help you make that choice. The products were selected from positive reviews and recommendations of customers and buyers who have bought and used them.

– Bestseller Square Fire Pit Comparisons Table – 

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11. Yaheetech 32″ Outdoor Metal Firepit

Yaheetech Outdoor 32-Inch Outdoor Metal Fire PitThis is a table fire pit, and of course, a square one. It was built with heavy-duty iron with a mesh design and finished in black as a metal fire pit. Thew, ay it was built makes it stable with lots of space at the top where things like drinks can be placed. This fire pit burns wood, so fire sparks should be expected. Prevent that. A mesh lid was provided. A poker is included, which you can use to tend the fire and remove the lid. This fire pit can also be used to grill and cool drinks if the bowl is cleared and filled with ice blocks. The Yaheetech 32″ Outdoor Metal Firepit has a waterproof cover to secure it when not in use.


10. Endless Summer Liquefied Petroleum Outdoor Firetable

endless summer fire pitThis will be the first propane fire pit on this list, and it is coming from the Endless Summer manufacturers. The product was well designed to be an ideal square outdoor fire pit. It is made from steel, decorated with slate tile hearth, and very sturdy. It is less work to assemble as it is almost ready upon purchase. The fire can be easily started by the featured ignition system that takes just the push of a button to bring up the flames. The black fire glass that comes with it adds ambiance to the flames and makes the fire more beautiful. At the base, there is space for the tank to be placed that way. It is well hidden and not to be seen.


9. TACKLIFE Gas Fire Pit

TACKLIFE Fire PitThis product is a relatively new release, but it has satisfied many customers’ needs, making it one of the best fire pits available. It is a propane fire pit capable of emitting about 50,000 BTU of heat. The manufacturers described the construction as “Rugged, Beautiful and Portable,” and there is every reason to believe them. It is made from sturdy and durable steel, which makes it rugged, the design is well crafted and beautiful, and it is lightweight that goes with the portability. No problems will be encountered in setting it up, and it is easy as you won’t be assembling, and the product manual provided will guide you. Earlier stated that this is a propane fire pit, but not a gas one as it uses liquid propane fuel. Also included is a fire pit cover with a free can rack and free lava stones.


8. Outsunny 32″ Steel Square Outdoor Patio Wood Burning Fire Pit Table

sunnydaze fire pitThis sturdy and well-constructed steel fire pit is an ideal one for your patio if you want to have an enjoyable night outdoors. From the Outsunny manufacturers, this fire pit was made from steel with a slate tile. It features lots of space at the top and has a mesh spark screen over the fire area. The mesh spark screen serves as a shield, protecting you from fire sparks, and it also enables 360 viewings of the fire. It is a wood-burning fire pit table, and the manufacturers advise that it be limited to that. The fire area is spacious, holding as many woods as needed for a warming fire. To protect this fire pit from harmful elements outdoors, a sturdy waterproof cover was included. It should go over the fire pit when it is not in use.


7. F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel 32″ Fire Pit

F2C Outdoor Heavy Steel 32" Fire PitHere we have a multipurpose square fire pit made with steel material. It is well designed with beautiful patterns that make it an ideal addition to any outdoor decor. With four sturdy legs, the fire pit is well supported and stands stable. Instructions are provided, so setting up or assembling this fire pit won’t be difficult. This F2C fire pit has a mesh screen lid that doubles as a cover lid and protects fire sparks or debris. It also makes viewing more enjoyable as the fire can be seen from any sitting angle. You can also cook and grill with this fire pit as it comes with a BBQ grill, and it has a cover to keep it safe.


6. Sunnydaze Northern Galaxy Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Northern Galaxy Fire PitThe last product on my list is the Sunnydaze Northern Galaxy Fire Pit, Amazon’s choice for wood burning outdoor fire pit. It is a large square outdoor fire pit and a very reliable one. With a sleek ample design, this fire pit compact makes it very portable for use anywhere an outdoor fire pit is needed. It is made to last long from high quality steel material, and the high-temperature paint finish adds to its quality. Assembling is quick and easy, you do as little as attaching the legs to the rim, and you are good. It features a spark screen that keeps fire sparks contained and also a wood and cooking grate. Sunnydaze Decor never disappoints when producing high-quality products, so Sunnydaze Northern Galaxy Fire Pit is recommended.


5. Endless Sumer Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Endless Sumer Outdoor Propane Gas Fire PitIf you need luxury in an outdoor fire pit, you should take a good look at the Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit. It could be what you have been looking for. The design is really classy, and this fire pit was made with resin material with steel panels. It uses liquid propane fuel and delivers up to 30,000 BTU of heat. Assembly is required, but it is not that difficult. In no time, you will be done, and your pet will be up and running. The Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit is easy to use. The featured ignition control system makes it, so you have the flames up by pushing a button. It uses a normal-sized propane tank, but it does not come with one. It would be best if you got it separately. Any amount spent on such a product as this one is really worth it.


4. Pleasant Hearth Martin Extra Deep Wood Burning Fire Pit – Best Cheap Square Fire Pit

Pleasant Hearth Martin - Best Square Fireplace Under $150 - Extra DeepWhen it comes to outdoor fire pits and other fireplaces and fire accessories, the Pleasant Hearth brand are always among the top sellers because they produce really quality products. The Pleasant Hearth Fire Pit is really an extra deep fire pit, as stated in the description. It measures up to 26 inches in depth and has enough space to contain sufficient wood. It has a sturdy construction, made from steel and styled with a bronze finish. This wood-burning fire pit features a circular system that allows proper air circulation within the fire pit and helps keep the fire consistent. A removable mesh cover is included, which helps stop the fire sparks from escaping the fire pit. A grill is included to make quick meals outdoors and a cover to protect it from outdoor elements.


3. Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit

Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit with CoverThis fire pit features a modern style and design. The firebox is crosshatched, so the fire can be seen from all angles, making the sight more attractive. It was produced from steel and finished in vintage bronze color. The firebox measures about 26 inches, so it is a relatively large fire pit. The Landmann Barrone Fire Pit is an easy to assemble one and very portable too though it does not fold. There would be no disturbance from fire sparks as this fire pit comes with a sturdy spark screen. A cover is also included to protect it from harmful elements. A lot of positive reviews from customers about this product placed it at the top of this list.



BALI OUTDOORS FirepitThis fire pit boasts mainly of its compact design. It appears as a very portable fire pit and an ideal one for camping and other outdoor purposes. It was made to last from sturdy steel and features a burner made from the same quality steel. This fire pit is a high functioning one, it emits up to 50,000 BTU of heat, but it is also capable of withstanding heat as it was powder coated. The Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Pit uses a propane tank that you would get separately, but the hose for connecting is made available. It features a locking lid, which functions mainly as a protection to the fire area, but with its handle, it also adds to the portability of this product.


1. Hiland AZ Patio Propane Heater GS-F-PC – Best Square Fire Pit Under $200

Hiland AZ Patio Heaters Fire PitThe AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit is currently the No 1 best seller in outdoor fire pits on Amazon. That alone says a whole lot about the quality of this product. It is a tabletop square fire pit made from steel, finished in bronze, and a tall one, measuring about 28 inches in height. With a heat output of 40,000 BTU, this propane fire pit can really provide warmth for everyone. It features a battery-operated pulse ignition system that makes it very easy to start the fire. The base is a secure location for storing the fire pit’s propane tank, and the included glass beads make beauty to the flames. You will have to spend a little more on this product, but it will be worth it with its features and durability.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can the fire pits be used on a wooden deck?

Using fire pits on a wooden deck is not really advisable. This is due to the fact that wood is a flammable material and can get burnt if touched by fire. If you must use a fire pit on a wooden deck, make sure it is a Gas on,e so you do not have flying fire sparks or embers

Can you put a fire pit on an outdoor rug?

Rug is a flammable materia,l so putting a fire pit on it is not the best thing to do. It could get burnt from fire sparks or ember,s which could result in a dangerous situation. Gas fire pits do not create embers or fire sparks, so if you really must use a fire pit on an outdoor rug, make sure it is not a wood-burning one

Does the fire pit include a cover?

Majority of the outdoor square fire pits mentioned in this list comes with a cover, you should check the product details to confirm. The cover is needed as it will help in safeguarding the fire pi,t and if it is include,d it will save you the cost of having to buy a separate one

How long will a tank last?

For the propane fire pits, the duration of the gas tank depends on how you use it. A tank will last longer if set at a low output than how it will when set at a higher output. Usually, a 20 lb tank is the commonly use,d and it can last for up to 6 hours

Can I burn wood in a gas fire pit?

The answer is NO, you should not burn wood in a gas fire pit. It is likely for your gas fire pit to crack because wood generates a whole lot of heat. If you need a wood-burning fire pit, you should buy one


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