Best Portable Propane Fire Pits Reviewed

are these the best propane fire pits off all time
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Are you tired of having a messy fire pit? Well, getting rid of ashes sounds possible nowadays. Do you want to know how?

Best propane fire pit are more technologically advanced fire pits. Besides, it is an outdoor enthusiast in rendering a warm atmosphere and a better viewpoint. Put it at the center of every gathering for enhanced chattering and get rid of the cold weather. Unlike wood-burning, no ashes and dangerous smoke is grasped on sight. Look around, and you’ll find lots of chic propane fire pit and be astounded.

Brace yourself to combat the cold nights of this September and develop an exciting atmosphere with the troop. Here is the list, and I hope you’ll going to pick one at the end.

– Bestseller Best Propane Fire Pit Comparisons Table – 

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1. Heininger 5995 – Best Portable Propane Fire Pit Review

Heininger 5995 Portable Propane Fire PitHeininger always develops a product that can boost your travel essentials. They want your travel to be more convenient than ever before.

If Firebowl of Outland seems large for you, you can choose to buy Heininger’s for it is much lighter than Outland’. Despite its lighter weight, still, it can spawn the same amount of heat looked-for to warm a setting. The apparatus does not get roasted in a huge amount of time being used to ensure that you place it in a clear spot. Then again, no more worries about trembling smoke.

It is made of sturdy and heat-resistant stainless steel with a 19” diameter for burning. The accessories included are a 10-foot propane hosepipe with a heat regulator and the lava rocks separate purchase for a propane tank is demanded to complete the item. As usual, the lava rocks are ignited, which makes it more sophisticated.

What we like

  • 58,000 BTU
  • Lightweight
  • Not resulting smoke
  • The base is high heat-resistant

What we dislike

  • The regulator is not working well


It is more portable than the first one with equal heat production, which is great about this product. Further, it is cheaper.


2. Bond Aurora Portable Gas Steel Fire Bowl Review

Bond Aurora Portable Gas Steel Fire BowlGo back to the ’80s through a unique and classical best propane fire pit. You can be an old school camper yet feeling the warmth of today’s’ generation.

It is an all-black furnished steel fire pit. The fire bowl is small, lightweight, and fit for long-distance travel or during base camp. It can work through 20 pounds containing a propane tank that can render up to 15 hours of a blazing propane fire — further, more than 20 Lbs. Of propane could also grind a longer blazing fire. However, the tank is purchased separately.

The other trappings include the 10-foot hosepipe, volcanic rocks, tank base, and lid cover. Let’s discuss further its lid cover and tank base. This lid cover has to be adequate heat security to avoid an explosion while burning. In contrast, the tank base is also delivered for the propane tank’s safety (sold separately).

What we like

  • 54,000 BTU
  • Longer hours of raging fire
  • Additional sturdy tank base

What we dislike

  • The lid covering is not resilient


Aside from being a good looking fire pit, it has more accessories added. Further, it is nice to be within an outdoor activity.


3. AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire Pit Review

AZ Patio Heaters GS-F-PC Propane Fire PitYou’ll be surprised by having a table in the day and a fire pit during the night. In this section, we’ll find out about a table that turns into a fire pit in an instant. Get together will never be the same with this AZ Patio Heaters best propane fire pit.

The best thing about this product is its flexibility. It can act as ordinary furniture at home without knowing at first sight that it can actually glare fire at night — a cabinet-like designed fire pit where there are two door openings to contain a propane tank. The top has its covering for table purposes and can be removed during fire pit gathering.

Moreover, 20 pounds of propane or butane tank must be purchased discretely to render up to 41,000 BTU of high temperature. You and your friends would enjoy a not so warm atmosphere with an elegant-looking fireplace.

What we like

  • Fully made of metal
  • Including crystal rocks
  • The way it is structured.

What we dislike

  • Not good for travels (for indoors and backyards use only)
  • Insufficient crystal rocks


It is heavyweight but still worth the penny. There are instruction guides on how to assemble it.


4. Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit by Outland Review

Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire PitOutland is known as a great developer of fire pits. They are not content with smaller fire pits; hence, they made a mega outdoor fire pit. There’s more. The mess has nowhere to be found.

Both the burner and the clasp are made of enamel-finished robust stainless steel to prevent it from rusting. Warming up the atmosphere is a great way to enjoy more story-telling with your family and friends. You can start a fire without the need for any tools, for it can be easily fixed.

There are no more waste products at the campsite or wherever you placed this best propane fire pit. It is also a CSA certified fire pit, meaning it can be used even on an area full of burning warnings, for it does not produce sparks while burning. All the necessary accessories needed are contained within except for the propane pipe cylinder.

What we like

  • 58,000 BTU
  • Available waterproof covers when not in use and carrying bag
  • Wider and deeper fire bowl
  • Included lava rocks

What we dislike

  • No instruction guide


Despite its mega-size, it is still portable and suitable for outdoor use. Further, it has obtained more positive reviews on different selling platforms.


5. Christopher Knight Home Crawford Outdoor Square Stone Fire Pit Table

Crawford Outdoor Square Propane Fire Pit by Great Deal FurnitureThere are varieties of picks to decide on purchasing the best propane fire pit. Unlike a wood-burning fire pit that is only made of metals best propane fire pit can be made of stones and other unique materials.

It fits well at the center that it gets a stunning look. Since it is made of stone, it is hard to transfer from one place into another place. However, you can place it permanently at any quad in your house for a better outlook. There will no prerequisite assembly. It is all set when delivered. Only switching of propane gas tank (sold separately) is demanded. The top base is made of heat-resistant steel.

The fireplace is optional in terms of the kindling you’ll be using. There are lava rocks confined within but are removable if different types of rock will be used. Additionally, a covering is included for its better maintenance even when not in use.

What we like

  • Battery igniter push button
  • Waterproof covering
  • Side openings for overheat control

What we dislike

  • Heavyweight
  • Adversity in altering propane tank


The whole thing looks durable and well-designed. However, it only provides 40,000 BTU of warm atmosphere but still enough and good.


6. Great Deal Furniture Round Fire Table Review

Christopher Knight Home 296658 Rogers Round Stone Fire Pit TableIf you’re still looking for a different style of a fire pit, perhaps you’ll like a rounded fire pit as Great Deal Furniture is not only in for squared propane fire table but also for a rounded one. However, they have the same specs.

The only difference in the preceding product is the way it is shaped. On the other hand, since it is a round shape apparatus, it became lesser in weight. It is also made of sturdy steel and brick stone. The covering is also included for better storage.

Besides, it requires lesser space in your backyard or indoors, thus still gives a pleasant aura and atmosphere for everyone. You and your friends can be literally in one circle while chitchatting.

What we like

  • Flame height can be adjusted
  • Lesser space demanded
  • 40,000 BTU

What we dislike

  • Slightly heavy


It is better to use crystal rocks to see the best burning result. It looks great! It can be moved from one place to another by two to three persons.


7. Blue Rhino Summer Fire Pit Table Review

Blue Rhino Summer Fire Pit TableHaving a fire pit at home is not only for a desire to feel the warmth but for better ornamentation. At this moment, we’ll be leveling up the lovely look of a fire pit that you could bring home.

The corner top marble inset base has plenty of room for shot glasses, even in times of blazing fire. You can burn both lava rocks and woods on this fire table that are counted in the package. Through the heat ignition button, you can adjust the amount of warmth. Moreover, the propane tank (sold separately) can be easily accessed through two-door openings beneath the fire table.

It is most admired because of the lower price at this kind of quality. Sounds incredible! The rock holder can accumulate not less than a maximum of 50 lbs. Of crystal stones. More kindling, better warmth it could render.

What we like

  • Sufficient room beneath for propane tank and other stuff
  • Adjusted heat up to 40,000 BTU
  • Well-designed

What we dislike

  • The bowl covering can be easily destroyed.


It has a reasonable price and can be properly assembled as long as you keep an eye on the guidelines. It takes more time to emanate to its best form finally.


8. Peaktop Slate Rock Square Column Gas Propane Fire Pit Review

Peaktop Slate Rock Square Column Gas Propane Fire PitHere comes another brick stone style best propane fire pit that is square. If you’re not still convinced about rectangular and round shaped fire pits, hoping this one will catch up your guard.

It isn’t a portable one thereof. Even so, it could bring a fine-looking ambiance to your home. It is lighter than other stone-made fire pit stated on the list weighing only 55 pounds. Moreover, it blazes fire for about 20 hours through a 5-gallon propane tank that is sold separately. As thought is prior, it is a square shape best propane fire pit that demands reduced space.

For longer use, there’s a covering upon the fire bowl that is water-resistant. Rust can also be prevented through the covering. Most vitally, a CSA licensed burning fire pit that ensures safer use.

What we like

  • 40,000 BTU
  • Easy contact with the propane tank
  • Longer duration of use

What we dislike

  • The ignition light warning do not function at times


Overall, it has a very nice scheme. Lighter than any other and stress-free in setting up. The problem is the door for the tank is unstable and got broke sometimes.


9. Bond Vineyard Propane Fire Pit Review

Bond Vineyard Propane Fire PitIt is another look of a fireplace included on the list. It is comparable to a large wood pot primarily displayed in gardens, but now, it is a fiery pot-like fire ditch. Let’s discover it somehow.

It is shaped like a pot made of wood and stone surrounding the top base. Even so, made of wood, it is still a durable and heat-resistant tool. It is lowered, unlike any fire pit that is full-packed, which is elevated. Thus a proportion in the distribution of warmth is applied. Therefore, lava rocks are located at the center that is safely supported and can render up to 50,000 BTUs of warmth. Moreover, additional accessories included a heat igniter, hosepipe, and a tank vessel.

Sadly, there is no space for the propane tank on the fire pit itself; that’s why a tank vessel is contained within to hold the tank even outside the equipment. It requires additional apportioned space thereof.

What we like

  • Piezo igniter
  • Sturdy and well-designed

What we dislike

  • The regulator knob is easily ruined.
  • No covering
  • Propane tank outside installment


The lava rock is insufficient to burn up a more blazing fire. However, purchasing another small pound of it is so convenient because of the availability.


10. Napoleon GPFGP-1 Patio Flame Liquid Propane Fire Pit

Napoleon GPFGP-1 Patio Flame Liquid Propane Fire PitSubstance over form is what it is trying to prove. Consequently, this is what buyers are looking for to satisfy a purchase. The image is not so important but more of the quality it could be responsible for.

We include it on the list as it caught up our attention, not on its look but its aptitudes. At first glance, you’re like seeing an ashtray. But, you know what? This 30 pounds fire pit can warm you up to 60,000 BTU. Sound creepy, but it is true. Due to its small size, it can be easily assembled.

Understanding its portability, the hosepipe is only 5-foot long, which results in a closer distance unto the propane tank — still, a small but the warmest fire pit on the list.

What we like

  • Extreme heat produced
  • The propane tank can last up to 12 hours.
  • Very portable and simple

What we dislike

  • Allotted space for the propane tank
  • The hosepipe is too short.


Quality proves the form of the product. Be impressed by the blazing fire coming from this small apparatus.


11. Victorian Rectangle Patioflame Gas Fire Pit Table by Napoleon

NAPOLEON Victorian Rectangle PatioflameThis is much bigger than the preceding Napoleon’s fire pit. Likewise, it a rectangular, but it differs in style for a better outdoor fireplace experience.  Besides, Napoleon Company has been proven a reputation on the portable fire pit and more expectation.

The best propane fire pit that is perfect for family and friends gatherings is its simple chic design. It is a table-like fireplace with only one door to access the propane tank and the heat controls. The top base is fully made of aluminum, finished with dazzling bronze. It has ample space for glass stones to glow where the flame can be adjusted through the controls.

Further, a natural gas exchange kit is included to let you choose a favored gas type and a covering for table use. Besides, there’s an allotted space on the top base for glasses or whatsoever stuff.

What we like

  • Well-designed
  • Convertible propane to natural gas
  • Adjustable flame height

What we dislike

  • Short-distance warm reach


It can be converted into a table through the included covering. The covering is sturdy that could last for many years.


12. Uniflame Endless Summer GAD1200B Gas Outdoor Firebowl

Uniflame Endless Summer GAD1200B Gas Outdoor FirebowlNow, here is another type of gas outdoor fire bowl that has a different top base style. As said, the best propane fire pits are not only made of wood but also stones.

Likewise, a heavyweight patio fire pit weighs less than 180 pounds, obviously not fit for travel. However, it is suitable for indoor and backyard use. Behind it is a reason for the top base. It is being made of granite that is a heavy-duty type of stone. It looks more elegant and classy with its color bronze.

Besides, there is a two-door cabinet where the propane tank is placed, and it is easy to access. Lava rocks and adhesive logs are the stuff used in creating a fire that results in a more heated and sophisticated fire. Overall, the fire pit deserves to be at the center of an aisle to show its elegance.

What we like

  • 40,000 BTU
  • Additional fiery stuff (unique adhesive logs)
  • The propane tank gas can last up to 20 hours

What we dislike

  • Not portable


It has a separate door for the propane tank and for heat control that is more convenient. Moreover, it looks like lustrous granite in actuality.


13. Best Choice Products Rectangular Extruded Gas Fire Pit Table 

Best Choice Products Rectangular Extruded Gas Fire Pit TableCold weathers are unpredictable; thus, a lifetime fire pit table is must-have furniture at your home. Why do we say so? Figure it out down below.

A usual best propane fire pit would be water-resistant through the use of a covering, but without it, you’ll never be sure it could sustain its durability when not in use. Thus, Best Choice Products made a way of creating a propane-running fire pit that will last a lifetime. Even without a cover, it could be all-weather resistant as it is made of super sturdy aluminum. Additionally, it can revolve into a table through nylon covering (included upon purchase).

Also, glass globules are used as a burning material and are included in the package. The propane tank (sold separately) is stored at the base of the apparatus. Overall, a 57″ rectangular in shape fire pit has been efficient in rendering a warmer atmosphere for the whole squad.

What we like

  • The classy look of the apparatus is legit.
  • Wider than a normal propane fire pit
  • The durability of the product

What we dislike

  • Ineffective waterproof covering


There are many negative responses about its durability that could only last up to a maximum of 10 months. However, some adored it is easy to assemble.


14. Camp Chef FP40 Monterey Propane Fire Pit Table

Camp Chef FP40 Monterey Propane Fire Pit TableIf you desire to have a table-like best propane fire pit and want it to be moved through one person, you’re on the right track. Of course, we don’t like so much hassle moving it only at a short distance with so much force. Camp Chef gives way for you to be at ease.

Unlike other table-like fire pit stated in this article, this one is smaller and lighter, with only 65.5 pounds of weight. Besides, it is still made of durable steel with a unique top base, copper finished. Despite its small size, the heat it produces is 40,000 BTU that is sufficient to warm an atmosphere.

Moreover, the entire top base can be roofed with a covering (PC40 Model) to turn it into a usual table. There, gatherings will be so convenient where the fire pit table can be moved from one place to another quickly.

What we like

  • Glass globules are included.
  • Propane tank cubicle with a heat controller
  • Lightweight and movable

What we dislike

  • The finished coating is not all-weather resistant.
  • Covering is traded separately.


The fire pit is taller than expected but works well on leaning your lower fringes on it. Additionally, there are a lot of coverings fitted with this product for you to pick on.


15. UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Table Top Fireplace

UniFlame LP Gas Outdoor Table Top FireplaceLet’s pause in a while discussing a table-like best propane fire pit, and reveal some other type. Not like a table but can be placed on a surface or top of a table.

It is a huge vase like a torch that can be positioned on top of a table. The tool is made of robust steel-colored classically black. Further, it is a lightweight product that can be easily lifted whenever you want it on top of a table. The

Also, obscure glass is used to blaze a fire that adds up to its classical look. However, there’s no heat controller, so be careful in lighting it up. The good thing is a 1 pound propane tank is enough to run 10,000 BTU of warm atmosphere.

What we like

  • All-black look
  • Very portable
  • Inexpensive

What we dislike

  • Demands familiarity in lighting up


It is perfectly designed and works as advertised. Additionally, the flexibility of where it could be positioned is greatly loved by many consumers.


16. BALI OUTDOORS Propane Fire Pit 

BALI OUTDOORS Fire PitWherever you place it, this fire pit will look adaptable. When you love chilling with the squad, this could be the best centerpiece that offers warmness. Let’s more about it!

It is made of stainless steel, a square-shaped best propane fire pit that is 25” high. The look itself is so catchy, especially when a blazing fire takes place. Lava rocks are also included run by a propane gas tank (sold separately) underneath. The heat can be controlled as to your desired warmth on its hidden heat control knob.

In terms of its weight, it is in the middle ground. Lastly, it is an affordable product that renders an efficient warming experience.

What we like

  • 50,000 BTU
  • Allotted room for the tank and heat control
  • Durable and well-designed

What we dislike

  • The corners are sharp and unsafe


It is designed at a reasonable price. All of it, the color, and the structure are erudite. A must buy a propane fire pit.


17. TACKLIFE – Portable Propane Fire Pit

TACKLIFE Fire PitAn on-the-go best propane fire pit on the list has been unleashed. You can bring a warm atmosphere anywhere with convenience. Then again, it is not a table-like thereof. More about the product as you keep on reading.

The look is more like a meat weighing scale seen in the wet market. It is made of steel finished with black. It can be fully covered when not in use, and it has a handle with built-in buckles for safer and easy transportation. Lava rocks are included. Other accessories are the 10 feet hosepipe and tank rack.

However, the propane tank is attached from the outside through a hose. Besides, the heat controller is found outside that is made of heat-resistant steel. All in all, it only weighs 30 pounds that is certainly fit for travel.

What we like

  • 50,000 BTU
  • Hosepipe marker cue
  • Well-made covering

What we dislike

  • No room for a propane tank


The heat can be easily regulated. Most importantly, it is CSA certified fire pit for safety assurance.



Finding the best propane fire pits may seem simple, but are you sure about their functionality? We bet these simple questions are playing on your mind that makes you doubt to buy one. However, let’s make all things more transparent at this moment. So, here are the frequently asked questions.

Q: What is a propane fire pit?

A: The best propane fire pit is completely different from a wood-burning fire pit. It is primarily run by a gas fuel, and the heat can be controlled. More likely, you are turning on a gas stove in operating the apparatus.

Q: Is it decent for both indoor and outdoor use?

A: Sadly, it is not recommended for indoor use to avoid suffocating factors, and the gas thingy is dangerous in an enclosed area. However, it can be with supervision and safety compliant. Happily, it works well for outdoor use, and there will no problem with complications.

Q: Is propane fire pit fit for cooking?

A: Since it is run by gas, which is a chemical-rich material, it is not recommended to use the best propane fire pit for cooking. However, some users of it toast marshmallows on it, and there is still no complaint about getting harm.

Q: Can I use the best propane fire pit for wood burning?

A: Absolutely no, for it is intended only for lava rocks, crystal rocks, and other non-wood kindling. Additionally, the heat can be controlled, and in the case of wood-burning, it’s hard to control heat. Frankly, woods are messy when burned compared to the best propane fire pit that does not produce ashes, and even smoke is lessened.

Q: How long will one tank of propane gas last?

A: Life of a propane gas depends on the BTU of heat required by a best propane fire pit. A 20-pound propane gas tank contains 430,000 BTU of heat that can normally last up to 20 hours.


Propane fire pits are more sensitive than ordinary ones. But, there are many choices for the best propane fire pits that you can avail of. As discussed, it has various designs, features, capabilities, and downfalls, but a warm atmosphere has been achieved at the end of the day. Besides, we still encourage you to look for more products because there’s more.

Start planning an outdoor activity with the gang; get rid of having a wood fire and start using the best propane fire pit. It is more of being accountable to the environment and less hassle in cleaning the camp area, which is excellent and convenient.

We’re done, and if queries are to be raised, the comment section is waiting.


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