18 Best Outdoor Fire Pits Compared

Best Outdoor Fire Pits
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Staring at the stars and the moon will be more meaningful if the best outdoor fire pit is watching it with you. Cold nights wouldn’t be stopped with a single snap but with an extended warm atmosphere. Of course, you’ll go to the campsite to enjoy the aura and not build your campfire. That is time, wrecking!

Included below are a variety of fire pit brands and models discussed as clearly as possible. Following the questions, perhaps, running in your mind as you decide to click on this article.

18 Best Outdoor Fire Pits

– Bestseller Outdoor Fire Pit Comparisons Table – 

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1. Landmann Patio Lights Firewave Fire Pit

Landmann Patio Lights Firewave Fire PitPlanning to go camping but worrying about the cold weather in the wilderness? Or, having trouble in making a fire out of the woods? Here is the most portable outdoor fire pit on the list.

The fire bowl weighing not more than 30 pounds and entirely made of steel, finished with black, will make a campsite glow and warmth. The wavy-hole linings on its side are where the air flows to have better blazing of fire, and it lets the onlookers see the 360-degrees fire display. For secure means of transport, the upper part is surrounded by a heat-resistant ring circle.

Additionally, a barbeque crate, screen cover, and poker are included to make it perfectly fit for outdoor undertakings. The two-legged supports are sturdy and firm to uphold as many firewoods to burn. It appears simple but positioned as one of the best choices as an outdoor fire pit.

What we love

It is a lightweight fire pit and is always ready for outdoor use. The overall structure is straightforward yet considers all the important factors that are needed. It looks majestic!


2. The 44.8 Inch Square Fire Pit Table by Legacy Heating

The 44.8 Inch Square Fire Pit Table by Legacy HeatingWe’re going back to a table-like outdoor fire pit with comparable features with the preceding product models. But then again, we bet that they only differ in weight and some specs.

It is a less than 45″ square in shape fire pit suitable for outdoor use. The whole structure is aluminum made, and the fire bowl is made of durable steel. It turns into a little table when a cover is placed in the fire bowl. There’s tank storage beneath closed by an easy to access door. Therefore, it is a propane gas running fire pit up to 50,000 BTUs of warmth that is too much for the whole gang.

Further, the included crystal rocks are burnt to produce an elegant fire and warm atmosphere. When not in use, the added water-resistant covering takes action to guard the whole equipment against rusting.

Overall, the structure is so artless, yet the durability in total is legit. Lastly, it works the way it is advertised.

What we love

It is a well-built outdoor fire pit and easy to assemble. The design is so simple that it won’t be imagined about its great functionality.


3. Yaheetech Outdoor 32-Inch Outdoor Metal Fire Pit

Yaheetech Outdoor 32-Inch Outdoor Metal Fire PitWe make it in the first spot, the versatile fire pit. Where you can eat, drink, and stay warm in one place, one at a time. Let’s discuss it further in the next paragraphs.

We call it a versatile fire pit because it can work well as a fire pit, beverage pit, and grill pit. It is easy to assemble and transform into its different functions, don’t worry about a manual included. Further, together with your squad, you can enjoy whatever weather it is.

Moreover, a square-shaped wood burning fire pit is made of iron finished with black. There is enough space for other stuff at each corner. A screen lid cover and another waterproof cover are also included to protect and preserve the fire bowl’s good condition.  Also, there’s poker for controlling the fire without getting stung.

The company ensures that peeling off of the coated material is normal when using it habitually. 

What we love

Its versatility is so legit, and it is perfectly designed for outdoor use. Additionally, you can feel the traditional way of wood-burning through it, which is safer than ever.


4. Blue Rhino Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fireplace

Blue Rhino Endless Summer Outdoor Propane FireplaceIs there no time for storing a bulk fire pit inside your home? Or, there’s no strength to do so? Whatever the reason is, what is intended for outdoor must stay out of the door permanently. We’re talking about the Blue Rhino Endless Summer Fire Pit

It is a heavy-duty fire pit. Thus leaving it in the backyard is recommended. Aside from that, it is a gas running fire pit that could render warmth up to 30,000 BTUs. The contained within lava rocks make an elegant blazing fire and can also be replaced with crystal rocks for a more dazzling fire show.

Further, the fire pit is constructed with sturdy steel and marble top base. There are no ashes and less smoke produced due to propane gas used. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and very sturdy in structure as you can lay your feet on its edge while enjoying the warmth it gives.

What we love

The built-in feature is so convenient, especially when you intend to have an outdoor fire pit. And it is a propane running fire pit, which adds to its convenience.


5. Hiland Hammered Bronze Fire Pit

Hiland Hammered Bronze Fire PitThe look itself is suitable for outdoor use and, again, propane running outdoor fire pit. It is simply designed like a table but a warm producing machine. If you want to be acquainted with it, keep on evaluating.

It is adorned through its simplified design that could be used as a standard fire pit during the night and a table during the day. Moreover, it is made of durable steel and coated with bronze that makes it look tarnished and fit for the outdoor aura. There’s an easy access door at its base for the propane gas tank (sold separately). It can heat up to 40,000 BTUs to ones surrounding the fire pit.

It is not that bulky that it requires much space in your backyard. Thus, there will be plenty of room for your family and friends to discuss. Further, the heat it gives adds to a more exciting aura, and it could last up to one year of use; it sounds economical. Enough room will also be provided for foodstuff at each side.

Lastly, a CSA and ETL certified with a one-year warranty product.

What we love

Its structure is so simple, but that makes it perfectly fit for outdoor activities. The versatility of it to become a table when not in use is highly loved.


6. Fermor 32″ Fire Pit Table Outdoor

Femor 32'' Fire Pit Table OutdoorNot far from the first outdoor fire pit discussed. The visuals are just the same, and both are 32 inches wide. Moreover, the price is nearly comparable with the price of Yaheetech Outdoor 32-Inch Outdoor Metal Fire Pit. However, still, we need to find out what’s their difference.

They differ in weight and also on dimensions for only a small discrepancy. They are both wood burning fire pit that has versatility in terms of its usage. It can work fighting fit as a fire pit, grill pit, and ice pit. The package included a fire grate, waterproof cover, grill grate, poker, and an instruction guide.

As said a while ago, it is partially designed like that of Yaheetech. It is made of steel and iron finished with black. The mark of their indifference is the logo of the manufacturer being imprinted on the product.

What we love

Its versatility like no other, and the provided grill grate. All in all, the purchase is at its most reasonable price.


7. Sunnydaze Large Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Large Crossweave Outdoor Fire PitLet’s turn the page into a more portable outdoor fire pit. It’s not the same as the preceding fire pit models. How do we say so? Let’s discuss it further.

We consider it more of being portable when we’re looking for an outdoor apparatus. This one fits in with being one of what we’re looking for. It is a compact fire bowl designed wood burning outdoor fireplace that can be easily positioned in one place.  The cross-weave designed side with screen coverings is made of steel finished with heat-resistant bronze.

Further, the air continuously flows inside the pit that causes better blazing of fire. There’s also a covering included for protecting the tool when not in use. Also, a heat defensive screen covering is used to prevent sparks from coming from the burning wood. Other accessories included are burning grate and poker for safer control of fire.

Experience the ring of fire with this portable outdoor fire pit.

What we love

There is sufficient space for the logs, and the screen covering prevents a spark from getting into you. According to other users, it doesn’t last up to their desired years of usage.


8. Fire Sense Cocktail Table Fire Pit

Fire Sense Cocktail Table Fire PitIt came from two manufacturers, named Fire Sense and Patio Sense, that create quality products and excellent customer service. Again, it is a table-like fire pit with many functions. Without further due, let’s proceed to other details.

It is a combination of a fire pit and a cocktail table made of steel, finished with bronze. While blazing fire on it, you can place a glass of cocktails along with its corners through the insertion of steel covering on top of the fire bowl. Just like the other fire pits on the list, it has heat-resistant screen coverings for spark protection.

Besides, it differs from having additional storage of logs beneath the apparatus that means a lesser mess in your backyard. Additionally, the included log poker helps remove the screen covering without being burnt, and it can be used in managing the logs during burning.

You can now enjoy your favorite cocktail while having a warmer atmosphere together with the whole squad.

What we love

The log storage is new in this kind of fire pit. The downfall is that it immediately rusts, which ruins its appearance but can be prevented with due care.


9. Uniflame Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl

Uniflame Endless Summer Gas Outdoor Fire BowlAs we keep exploring for an outdoor fire pit, a hexagonal-shaped fire bowl caught our attention. Aside from its unpopular shape, it has more in store. Let’s unleash it!

Back it at again with another propane running outdoor fire pit on the list in a hexagonal shape. It is heavy-duty paraphernalia and also a bit expensive compared to other items included. Besides, it is made of durable steel, and the top base is composed of tiles. The center bowl is a constructed circle in shape made of heat-resistant steel containing crystal rocks for a fancier fire glow. Besides, it can be covered as protection against rust-forming materials.

Moreover, not including a propane tank upon purchase but purchasing a separate one will make the package complete. It could render 30,000 BTU of warmth enough for the whole family during get-togethers. The heat can be controlled through the temperature control panel.

What we love

Overall, it is made of metal, even the cabinet for a propane gas tank. Other purchasers experience damaged equipment when it arrives hence a small portion of ruin, and it can still work well.


10. Necessories Grand Fire Pit Kit

Necessories Grand Fire Pit KitIf you’re looking for a more permanently settled fire pit at one spot in the backyard, you’re in the right spot of the article. It is a here and forever kind of fireplace that needs a firm decision to position it.

You can build it on your own risk as the other tools needed are included, such as gloves, cement, and steel inserts. Besides, placing it permanently as your backyards additional view is possible. Its lifetime usage is assured as it is used by the National Park Service in the U.S. Its design compliments for outdoor display that looks like a ring. 

Moreover, it burns up by putting woods at the center, and the steel insert will maintain the fire burning. It can be easily assembled in less than an hour with no difficulty. It is constructed with rock blocks that easily compliment any outdoor scenery.

All in all, it deserves a center of attraction during gatherings that it renders a better warm atmosphere like no other.

What we love

Its permanency in its place is admired. For that reason, it is very appropriate for outdoor use, and no need to set it up all over again on the next usage.


11. Sunnydaze Decor 34″ Large Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl

Sunnydaze Decor 34” Large Cast Iron Fire Pit BowlSunnydaze décor continues to create stunning home products with high quality and simple yet elegant structures. If you’re wanting is a simple fire pit, perhaps here is the answer to your wanting. Let’s drop the cue!

A fire pit bowl is made of sturdy steel with a rusty finish. Besides, the four-legged supports are also firm and stable in carrying more logs. Moreover, the space for the logs is wide and firm to uphold. The assembly of the fire pit is easily intoxicated, resulting in a longer warming experience.

However, there are no additional accessories such as screen covering and poker, wherein the fire is bolder and cannot be controlled nor managed. Besides, the handles at its two sides make it highly portable. Thus, the need to use extra cloth while handling it is necessary, especially after use.

In summary, its durability is not only seen in its appearance, but also its quality.

What we love

Since it doesn’t include a covering, you can create 2 holes at the bottom to drain the water, which accidentally enters the apparatus. Surely, it is easy to set up.


12. Ohio Flame 30″ Diameter Fire Pit

Ohio Flame 30” Diameter Fire PitIt’s so exhausting setting up a piece of equipment after the purchase. Is there a chance for a fire pit to just put it there and then fire it up? The answer is there is!

Right after unboxing your purchase, you can instantly experience blaze fire on the fire bowl, for there will be no assembly needed. The entire material is constructed with American made steel, and an expert local artist simply crafts it. Its heaviness ascertains its capability for long time use.

Moreover, its look is comparable to that of an ashtray but in huger size. Woods are used in burning. In the case of water draining due to rainfall, there’s a 1.25″ hole at its bottom part. Other than that, no more accessories are added, and for that reason, it does not compromise the primary purpose, which is to render warmth to the people surrounding it.

What we love

Its simplicity and assured durability that even if no accessories are included, it still renders what is expected. It may not be the cheapest, but the quality it gave to the users is a powerful testimonial.


13. Great Deal Furniture Rogers Propane Fire Pit

Great Deal Furniture Rogers Propane Fire PitCreating a brick outdoor fire pit is instantly provided for you by the Great Deal Furniture. The ones mentioned earlier are square-shaped and ring-shaped, but this one is a circular shape. It has no great variance than preceding products; however, let’s learn more about it below.

Setting your own well-prepared fireplace in your backyard is made possible. Making it permanent in its place is desirable by many, for no assembly will be needed thereof. It is made of solid bricks in a circular form, and the top base contains lava rocks for burning. Besides, it heats up through propane gas for up to 40,000 BTUs that is sufficient to warm who’s nearby.

Obviously, the price would be high for this type of fireplace as compared to other listed products. Yet, there’s no need for many efforts in setting up. According to many users of it, the price is reasonable, and they don’t regret its procurement. As a tip for longer use, avoid positioning it in a place directly stricken by the sunlight to circumvent discoloration.

What we love

There will be no need for assembly wherein you can warm the atmosphere at any time you want.


14. Bond Manufacturing Newcastle Propane Fire Bowl

Bond Manufacturing Newcastle Propane Fire BowlExperience a warmer atmosphere with a castle sight near you is so pleasing in touch and vision. Your backyard will bear a resemblance to a queen’s garden by placing this Newcastle Fire Bowl at the center of it.

It is structured with a brick stone coated with a material that prevents the severe damaging effect of UV rays and extreme weather changes. Besides, a stainless steel bowl on top upholds the lava rocks or crystal rocks for blazing where the outlook is seen. During gatherings, it serves as the center of attraction not only of its appearance but also its ability to render warmth.

Furthermore, it is run through a 20 lb. Propane gas tank resulting in 40,000 BTUs of high temperature. Note that the gas tank is sold separately as usual. Also, there’s an easy to access heat control button in fine-tuning the warmth you desire. Compared to other brick styled fire pit listed, it costs lesser.

Overall, it gazes stunningly as placed at the wherever spot in your backyard. Also, it gives extra lighting during cold nights.

What we love

To make it more pleasing to the eye, try to use glass rocks. There are many glass rocks available in the market, so you can purchase whatever colors your plea.


15. PSW Garden Decor Decorative Rustic Metal Fire Pillar with Removable Bowl

PSW Garden Decor Decorative Rustic Metal Fire Pillar with Removable BowlIf your chief intention is to have a more decorative backyard, you are in the right spot for this article. Sadly, it can’t satisfy your high expectations of the warmer atmosphere because of its size. However, there are many amazing features about this product that cannot be found on other listed products.

Beforehand, you will receive two pieces of products upon delivery, including the fire pillar and the fire bowl. The fire pillar has been crafted with a tree design shaded with a twinkling brown effect and the detachable fire bowl that can be used separately. Second, it is small in size and very portable yet sturdy and firm in upholding burning logs.

Further, to avoid severe rusting, cleaning it with a soft cloth every after use is necessary. Most importantly, the fire pillar will not be affected by heat with the four wood balls attached, which holds the fire bowl.

In summary, users are well pleased with the décor and its flexibility. 

What we love

The rustic effect compliments backyard’s aura. Both are lightweight products and function very well, even when separated.


16. Sorbus 30″ Outdoor Fireplace

Sorbus 30" Outdoor FireplaceHaving a warm ambiance while staring at the sky is achieved through a fireplace nearby. With your squad, you can grill delicious barbeques while chitchatting about what happened years ago. It is a great companion while taking back remarkable memories.

Charcoal burning outdoor fire pit finally revealed. Moreover, firewoods or logs are also used in a blazing fire for a warmer feeling. It is a portable fireplace that can be easily brought in campsites. The base is well-designed with scrolls, and it is structured as high as possible for better viewing of flames. The high heat-resistant fire bowl is wide enough to hold more logs or charcoals, and it is covered with a screen lid for debris prevention.

Lastly, the included poker is used for altering the logs to keep the fire burning. Also, a wood grate is counted in for grilling purposes. Better viewing of the flame is what this fire pit allows, which attracts many positive reviews from the consumers.

What we love

The elevated fire bowl is astonishing. The fact that charcoal can be used as a burning tool lessens your cost of purchasing expensive firewood and is easier to light up.


17. HY-C Flame Genie Portable Wood Pellet Fire Pit

HY-C Flame Genie Portable Wood Pellet Fire PitBeforehand, avoid placing a wood pellet fire pit indoors, or else it would cause suffocation or other dangerous effects. In this section, we’ll talk about the different fire pit levels through the use of wood pellets.

A wood pellet is a kind of wood that has a mixture of fuel and ready for burning. However, for this model, it requires FG-P20 premium wood pellets for better burning. The apparatus is made of durable black steel that is designed simply. Further, the gravitational afterburner system ensures no smoke and sparks right after the wood pellets are burnt. For cleaning, it would be easier because of the system used.

Moreover, it can be located in 12 places outdoor with assured safety. Besides, a USA manufactured product. You can purchase an additional bag for travel purposes as it is a lightweight product only.

What we love

It produces a more glowing flame with the help of wood pellets. Further, it carries a reasonable price.


18. Regal Flame Boston Backyard Garden Wood Fire Pit

Regal Flame Boston Backyard Garden Wood Fire PitWe’re grateful you came into the last but not the least outdoor fire pit. A simple fire pit that is suitable for camping, blazing fire on the shore, and backyard picnics. Let’s talk about its portability in the later paragraphs.

This portable fire ring is made of sturdy steel, finished with black, and has high heat-resistance. A grill grate is included for a more exciting barbeque drill with the family. Also, it is surrounded by a moon and star holes that give an astonishing stance. Moreover, a 36″ diameter is enough to hold more and more logs to burn.

At first glance, it seems like a propane running fire pit, but actually, firewood is enough to bring a blazing fire to the whole family.  You can have plenty of S’ mores, thus more time for chitchatting. Most importantly, it is inexpensive, and you can expect the best fire blazing experience with it.

What we love

Portable at its finest! Upon delivery, it is ready for use. Right after use, it can be stored inside your house with no use of disassembly tools.



What is an outdoor fire pit?

An outdoor fire pit is simply fireplaces outdoors. Moreover, it adds as a backyard display, and some are permanently planted outdoors as some are portable.

Is the platform needed as a dwelling place for the fire pit?

For a table-like fire pit, no need for an extra platform. Though for fire bowl type, it is recommended to have sand as a platform and avoid placing it on a pro-burning platform.

Can it be left outdoors, unattended, when not in use?

Yes, as outdoor fire pits normally have a waterproof covering. However, improvise covering such tarp will do if it doesn't include one. This is to prevent it from rusting and to prolong its usefulness.

Does it call for more effort during assembly?

Some outdoor fire pits come instantly assembled. However, some models demand minimal efforts of assembly as manufacturers consider only minutes of overall set up of apparatus like a fire pit. There is gas running outdoor fire pits that require expert supervision.

Can I build my outdoor fire pit?

Yes, there are Do-it-Yourself outdoor fire pits tutorials on the internet. But obviously, it would cost you more than buying a well-prepared one. It's all up to you.


An outdoor fire pit has conquered many backyards and camping grounds nowadays. It came from different forms and different flickering aptitudes. We intended to include different models to help you find the best for you. Hoping the listed products opened your eyes and convince you to have one (perhaps more) fire pit in your backyards. Do more thrilling stargazing with your squad!

If there are still questions in your mind, feel free to comment down below. We’re also open to recommendations of other outdoor fire pit products. Let’s easily fight cold nights!


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