15 Best Wood for Fire Pits (Both real and decorative)

Best Wood for Fire Pits
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The remedy for cold nights is a blazing fire pit. It is nice making your fireplace, but it is more delightful when you end up in its safer version. How can you make your fire pit safer? By using the best wood for a fire pit and you will never be cold again.

Admit it; worrying is normal as you light up a fire pit, for there will be a possibility of burning your own house. In this article, we’ll end up that commotion.

– Bestseller Fire Pit Wood Comparisons Table – 

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1. Plow & Hearth Fatwood Fire Starter

Plow & Hearth Fatwood Fire StarterStarting a fire will never be that hard with only two sticks of wood being fired up. The first two blocks of wood will quickly ignite the other woods.

One resin-made wood is sized 8 inches long and can be quickly light up with a match. Each wood does not contain chemicals and is safe for indoor and outdoor fire pits. All in all, the wood weighs 10 pounds, and it is available in bulkier packages.

The wood came from illegal logging or any lousy way of getting a plank of wood, but it came from legally cut down trees, grown precisely for this purpose. The trees may be cut down because of calamities, or perhaps it is an old tree thereof. It will be delivered already divided, and no shavings are found on it.

Furthermore, it has an open-ended shelf life that, even if it is wet, it could be set ablaze. It is perfect for campsites and other fire pits.


There’s no problem with its ability to make a fire. However, it may be split down into smaller sizes for convenience. Additionally, it is an imported and not a USA-made product.


2. Camerons Products Smoking Wood Chunks

Camerons Products Smoking Wood ChunksThrowing woods in a fire pit is more refreshing with a wood chunk. There’s no way of getting accidentally scorched as no direct contact to the heat is applied. Make your campfire as calmer as you want.

In this section, it is a different type of wood as it goes through chunks. It is the best use while grilling barbeques or other grilled foods because of its smoky flavor. Consequently, it can be used while lighting a fire in a fire pit; however, as a new wood only and not the primary wood for burning.

The wood chunks weigh 10 pounds and are kiln-dried. Additionally, it has no additives and 100% natural oak wood.

Final verdict

It is not primarily used for fire pits but can be useful as an additional wood for burning fire during leisure times.


3. Wood Products Fatwood Review

Wood Products FatwoodIf you are looking for woods suitable for both fireplace and charcoal grill, this has to be the one you’re looking for! Discover more about it by continually reading the details further down.

Another company advocates eco-friendly pine woods by planting three trees in every tree used in producing firewood. The wood came from the logging remains of a pine tree being used for other important stuff. It is chemical-free and more comfortable, and safer to light up.

It is manually cut by craftsmen, which means we expect not equal sizes (well, that’s all right). For that reason, Wood Products employed thousands of local men. The woods have gone through so many processes, including heat-treatment, to ensure pest-free forests and eliminate moisture content.

Above all, it is a certified wood product by SCS Global Services that guarantee compliance to nature and safety standards.

Final verdict

It is a good way to start a fire, and it could last longer than any firewood. Many users also highly recommend it because of its flexibility of use as wood for the fireplace and a charcoal grill. The certification logo is safe evidence of its quality.


4. Wildwood Kindling Kiln-Dried Cedar

Wildwood Kindling Kiln-Dried CedarDry woods can maintain a fire for a long time and an excellent factor for easier lighting. You can throw it in a fireplace for continual burning.

The cedar wood that came from the Western part of the world does not contain additives. Thus, an eco-friendly and natural wood that is upright for burning fire whether indoors or outdoors. It is dried wood, which weighs lesser than expected when it arrives, so the company doesn’t measure up the end product by a pound.

It will arrive at your home with no debris found in the box but with plenty of clean and perfectly cut cedar woods that are ready for burning. It works as a twig that burns the initial flame for the entire fire pit that will soon result in a better aflame.

It is lighter than any other woods but measured by inches longer. It can be cut off into smaller pieces so you can easily throw it into the fire pit to add some fire.

Final verdict

The wood-fired up longer that it will turn into an ash after several hours of being on fire. It is a great factor to influence better lighting and easier to adopt fire when it touches a burning wood.


5. OP Social Enterprises Fire Starters

OP Social Enterprises Fire Startersenjoy the warm feeling while making a fire and the heartening feeling of helping others pursue their dreams. Fire up for a good cause!

This wood works well in quickly starting a fire. Again, it is a toxic-free fire starter wood. It can be used indoors and outdoors as it is an all-weather proof wood that it can still burn entirely even when it gets wet. Therefore, it is very suitable for outdoor activities like a campfire.

It is packed in a zip-locked bag containing 20 pieces of wood. It is written in the package about the excellent cause of buying this product. Upon seeing it, you will be convinced of buying more bags of wood.

The proceeds in selling this firewood will benefit those adults with disabilities and wrongs (specifically in the brain). They provide training to develop their skills and to improve the quality of living.  The ones you’re helping are the ones who prepared the purchased wood product. Goosebumps!

Final verdict

The good cause attracts many bargain hunters to buy more bags of it. Aside from it, the woods are not easy to light up, but it burns well when ablaze.


6. Kaeser Wilderness Supply Fatwood Fire Starters

Kaeser Wilderness Supply Fatwood Fire StartersFew firewoods aren’t enough, but plenty of woods will be needed to fire up and experience a long time warm feeling. You’d instead choose to buy more extra wood.

It is a natural wood that is recycled and is cut off in Ventura, California. These are the remains of those woods that may be used in making furniture. As said earlier, this will bring a long time warming experience as in one delivery. You will receive two bags with 40 pieces of chemical-free wood. 

The company has already built a reputation for good quality firewood in a decade. These woods are instantly burning with only single lighting. You can start a fire anywhere with these woods, whether indoors or outdoors, and it is all-weather proof firewood.

Getting stuck in the wilderness will never be as colder as before, for you can have an extensive campfire experience to warm you up. Most importantly, no trees were harmed by these fire starters. 

Final verdict

It is obviously for a long time used. It is also easy to carry in a backpack during camps and very convenient in times of burning. It is effective as an emergency fire kit during camps or even at home.


7. Wood Fire Grilling Co. Kiln-Dried Boxed Kindling

Wood Fire Grilling Co. Kiln-Dried Boxed KindlingDo you desire a warm feeling every time, but you lack firewoods? Here is the answer to that burning desire.

This package has more pieces of red cedar firewoods on the list that is 75-150 pieces. Those pieces are enough for burning in several series of camps. It is all-natural cedarwood, and no debris is found on the package. Indeed, eco-friendly firewood. Additionally, the woods are dried and are easy to light up.

You can sit back there and throw the woods on the fire pit to experience pleasant warmth. Again, it is long used as the woods are well-shaped into rectangular blocks for better burning.

No trees were harmed as the company uses those woods to be cast off.

Final verdict

A little bit pricey because of the number of woods in a package. However, it is understandable as it can render long-time use and has the right sizes of woods for holding fire.


8. Smoak Firewood Kiln Dried Premium Oak Firewood 

Smoak Firewood Kiln Dried Premium Oak FirewoodBefore you can build up a good fire, start it with fire starters. This firewood will provide you a whole package of firewoods for burning.

As said earlier, the package includes fire starter woods for easier lighting, and you don’t have to look for fire starter alternatives at home. For an actual burning, the kiln-dried oak firewood is used that is dried for about 40 to 48 hours (above the minimum requirement to be called kiln dried). The woods are also pest-free.

Premium Oak Firewood is the most substantial wood on the list as it weighs 120 to 140 lbs. Upon delivery. Therefore, you need to unpack some pieces to lift them when delivered finally. Let’s be grateful that it is kiln dried, for it reduces the wood’s actual weight.

Because of the kiln drying process, it makes the wood hotter and burns cleaner. Primarily used for cooking, but it can also burn well on different fire pits.

Final verdict

It is a USDA certified firewood that ensures its safety for delivery and use. The included fire starters are a great deal for the users as it adds more convenience in lighting up a fire.


9. Better Wood Products Fatwood Firestarter with a Wooden Crate

Better Wood Products Fatwood Firestarter with a Wooden CrateStoring firewoods would not be a problem anymore. Better Wood Product makes a better crate for the firewoods. Thus, unburned woods won’t be scattered on the floor.

The crate itself is made of durable wood that can be recycled as storage when firewoods are all gone. It can also be used as firewood when you’re already out of the budget—just kidding!

Anyways, the woods are all-natural remains of a pine tree containing a natural resin that’s being cut off for legal use. User-friendly as it has no chemicals added and safe for indoor and outdoor use. It is perfectly fit for camps, grill parties, cooking, and fireplaces. It only takes less than four sticks to start up a burning fire.

If your worry is storage for firewoods, you better choose this product on the list.

Final verdict

The wooden crate looks great and nice. It is also for lifetime storage. In comparison, the fire starters are easy to light up and burns really well.


10. Regal Flame Birch Ceramic Gas Logs Set

Regal Flame Birch Ceramic Gas Logs SetTo make your fire pit look fancier and more elegant without producing ashes from burnt logs is to invest in ceramic gas logs. Let’s reveal magical firewood in this segment clearer as you continue reading.

The set includes 5 logs of different large sizes to build an improvised fireplace using the logs properly. It is flexible in terms of a place where it can be burned, including indoor gas fireplaces, fireplaces stirred by propane, natural gas, ethanol, and so on.

These logs keep the family safe from ashes and toxic as it can cool quickly after being burnt. The wood itself can look like a fireplace outside a real fireplace. While burning it, you can see red burning logs, which make it nicer to look at.

There’s no need for fire starters as it can be burned using gas, as its name says.

Final verdict

The white-colored birch log will turn black as it is fired up but still looks beautiful. Even if larger and bulkier in size, it does not leave any scratch on the fireplace. Overall, it has a more advanced feature than the other firewoods on the list, and it works really well.


11. Stanbroil Ceramic Wood Logs Set

Stanbroil Ceramic Wood Logs SetThe difference compared to the first ceramic wood on the list is the color. This one is colored grey.

You can add up granules and embers for the more artistic fireplace. The other features are just the same as Regal Flame’s Ceramic Gas Logs Set.

Final verdict

The best in rendering a nicer look of the fire pit at home. It is safe and quality made.


12. Wilson Enterprises Set of White Birch Logs

Wilson Enterprises Set of White Birch LogsMake that fireplace complete by adding up birch logs in it or beside it for ready burning up. It does not look like a usual log, for it is nicer than usual.

These include six pieces of large and medium (equally distributed) size birch logs. The presence of wood bark is not removed, for it can add burning session on the logs. It is also kiln dried and has eliminated moisture for better burning.

Moreover, it is all-natural birch logs that are colored white. The pictures that can be seen on the internet selling platforms are not as natural as in the personal look. However, you can expect cleaner and whiter logs when delivered.

This has to be the only log on the list with the bark on it, and with this feature, we don’t deny how effective it is to be firewood on a fire pit.

Final verdict

It is a beautiful birch log and best for decoration in a fireplace. It’s a block of wood with so much elegance in it. The size is a bit longer than what is said, and it is a good thing for a longer span of burning.


13. Wilson Enterprises – Cherry Firewood Review

Wilson Enterprises - Cherry Firewood ReviewIf you want a sweet burning aroma of smoke to enhance your mood while relaxing, there’s a wood that can provide you that sweet scent.

Another Wilson Enterprises wood product has a unique scent because a cherry type of wood produces a sweet aroma. It will also burn up easily through the use of medium heat, and it often sparks. However, it produces lesser smoke as it burns.

Additionally, its bark is not removed, and it is kiln-dried.

Final verdict

The sweet aroma is greatly praised, even if a bit expensive. It also burns clean and leaves lesser smoke.


14. Wilson Enterprises – Split Firewood,  White Birch ReviewWilson Enterprises - Split Firewood,  White Birch ReviewNow, if you’re looking for firewood that is good as a fire starter, white birch wood is suitable for that.

Wilson Enterprises also creates a birch type of wood as firewood. Birchwood is known for being quick burning wood; that’s why it is set to be a fire starter. In this section, the birch wood we’re talking about is an easy to split wood compared to the one mentioned in item number 11 that is bigger.

While burning these woods, it will turn into the red that makes it unique to other woods. That also proves of it being burned quickly. Overall, it is not highly recommended to use as normal firewood but a fire starter only.

Final verdict

It can be easily divided into smaller pieces and a good fire starter through the presence of its bark.


15. Wilson Enterprises – Maple Split Firewood Review

Wilson Enterprises - Maple Split Firewood ReviewNormally, maple wood is not easy to split, but Wilson Enterprise made it possible.

Maple wood is very efficient when it comes to burning into heat-temperature. Meaning, it is good for fire pits, and it can provide warmer feelings during cold weather. It can be used for a long time of burning, thus lessens your cost.

The maple wood is dried until the moisture has fully gone for better burning. Its natural bark is another factor for its burning power.

All Wilson Enterprises’ wood products are made in the USA, thus have certified quality wood. 

Final verdict

Maple wood tops as a highly recommended type of wood for burning. It is less expensive compared to a cherry type of wood.



What type of woods is suitable for fire pits?

The most recommended type of wood is oak wood, maple wood, and cherry wood. It is because of their quick-burning ability and their solidity

What type of woods should be avoided?

Those woods used in construction, such as lumber, must be avoided to be burned in a fire pit. It may contain chemicals that are dangerous when inhaled. In addition to that are painted wood, plywood, chestnut wood, and other softwoods.

What qualities of wood should I consider?

It is important to have dry woods for it burns easily and creates lesser smoke. Moreover, the moisture content of firewood must be lesser than 21 percent to make it ablaze with no difficulty.

How to start up a fire on a fire pit?

Use firestarter woods (some are included on the above list) to start up blazing a fire. Normally, all fire starters are waterproof and are good for emergency use. Additionally, they are toxic-free. You can start with a minimum of two sticks to start a fire.

Are there a certain number of woods that a fire pit could accommodate?

There's no certain number of woods required as long as it can be fired up and make sure that air can still enter in between the woods.


Woods are essential in completing a fire pit. Successively, picking the best wood for the fire pit is important to ensure safety and sureness of warmth. Who would imagine that a certain scrap could be a great factor in warming your body in the wilderness? Thanks to the manufacturers who level up the use of these woods without harming nature. 

If you have any idea about woods for a fire pit, comment on your opinions. We’re willing to learn more from you.


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