6 New Creative Ways to Give Your Lawn A New Look

6 New Creative Ways to Give Your Lawn A New Look
6 New Creative Ways to Give Your Lawn A New Look
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A walkway is a path that leads from your entrance all the way to the door of your house, and it’s also the first impression your friends and family will get of your home.

So it’s very important that you have a beautiful and inviting walkway that everyone can appreciate. But the most important thing is that you love it and have fun every time you walk through it.

Even more, your walkway should be a reflection of your home and its style, because it’s like a preview of what’s to come. It gives everyone an anticipated look of your home on the inside, so it should definitely be special.

And the secret to having a perfect walkway is choosing the best materials.

Some of them are easier to manipulate than others, but with some creativity, you can find the one you like best and turn it into something beautiful.

At this point, you are probably thinking of the most known materials to build walkways, concrete, and tiles. But there are many other options that you can consider, or even mix and match, to create a unique design that represents you and your home.

In this article, we are going to give you some amazing ideas for creating a unique walkway with all kinds of materials.

We hope you get inspired to create a beautiful and special walkway, so let’s talk about what materials you can use before we get into the rest.

The Best Walkway Materials

It’s very common to see walkways made of tiles arranged in any number of ways. And we are not saying that we don’t love tiles, it’s just the opposite.

But there are really endless possibilities for building a walkway with other materials.

1. Concrete


Concrete is a very versatile and affordable material you can use even for self-made projects where you can involve your kids (if you have them, of course).

And if you don’t, we promise it can be just as fun to do it on your own.

2. Stones


Stones are a beautiful option because they can be cut in regular shapes, or you can take advantage of their unique silhouettes.

Stone walkways can be a good option if you like a natural and irregular but polished look in your garden.

3. Bricks


Bricks can be a very interesting option because just as with tiles, you can arrange them in any number of symmetrical shapes and patterns that result in a very simple but useful walkway.

The same goes for concrete blocks. You can even take advantage of their usual round and geometric shapes to create even more interesting patterns. Let the grass-grown between them and nature will do the rest.

4. Wood


Wood is a great material to consider if you are into zen-looking gardens. And if you are not, it can look just as beautiful as a walkway that crosses through your lawn. Sealing the wood before putting it in place is important because that way you will avoid rotting or decomposing.

These materials can be used and combined in a thousand different ways.

Because we don’t want you to limit yourself, let’s discuss some creative walkway ideas you can use to have the most beautiful lawn or garden in your block.


Creative Walkway Ideas 

Your walkway can easily become the center of attention at your home if you want to. These ideas only require the materials we saw before and a lot of enthusiasm.


Decorative Pebbles

decorative pebbles
decorative pebbles

Rocks are never just rocks. How do we know that?

Because the most beautiful and eye-catching walkway can be created with only rocks.

The trick is to arrange them in a unique design: think circles, spirals, geometric shapes. You can buy river rocks in bundles at any gardening store. Our advice is to take advantage of the different colors they naturally have, so your design can cause even more visual impact.

Plan your pattern ahead and if you decide to use the color shades, classify them before putting them in the ground. This will save you time and will make it easier to follow your initial pattern until the end.

You can also mix them with concrete: sticking them into wet pouring concrete is a simple but effective way to create a beautiful walkway. Plus, it doesn’t need much planning.

This is a great project to involve children, and everyone will be proud of the final result.


Zen Wooden Walkway

Zen Wooden Walkway
Zen Wooden Walkway

Your home should be a place where you can relax. And while you’re at it, why not even meditate?

Using wooden planks is a simple technique to make oriental-looking landscaping. Dark wood is a softer material that complements the natural appearance of your garden.

While concrete can be a little hard and contrasting sometimes, wood is the perfect material to have an all-natural-looking garden.

You could consider bamboo if you are looking for a more tropical look. Plus, it is one of the most resistant and sustainable materials, so it will not disappoint you.


Irregular Walkway


This is the best way to make the most of irregular ground.

If your lawn of the entrance of your home is on a hill, or even a slightly elevated area, making a walkway could mean an additional challenge for you. But you can take advantage of the situation and end up with an even more beautiful result.

Using larger stone planks, put them at different places and work your way up or down until you reach the house. Then let the grass grow around them and link them together, or plant a specific herb that gives it a nice scent, like thyme.

The simple and irregular lines will create a beautiful visual effect if you look at them from different angles. Plus, irregular lawns won’t be a problem anymore.


Playing with Concrete

It may sound surprising, but concrete can be the most versatile material for building walkways.

Whether you are planning to build a high-end walkway or just want to make a simple and beautiful design by yourself, concrete is always a great option.

It does not require a lot of maintenance and you can color it and polish it with many different techniques. It will last for a really long time and is a relatively cheap reliable material.

You can place separations along the way where your walkway will be and fill them up with wet concrete. This will let you create any shape you want, and even decorate it while it’s still wet. Putting pebbles, stones, glass, or even your family’s handprint will create a long-lasting memory that everyone can share.

Using Bricks

Bricks can have a thousand different uses when building a garden.

You can use them as flower pots, as building materials for high-raised gardens, and to build a beautiful walkway.

Arrange them symmetrically in any pattern you like and your lawn will look instantly brighter. Their reddish color adds a nice touch to any garden because it gives contrast to the green hues of the plants.

You can also break them into little pieces or even dust and use them to cover the edges of your walkway. The effect will be the same but the appearance will be different.

These ideas were meant to inspire you and help you come up with the perfect walkway ideas for your own home. And all of the materials are easy to find and manipulate, so you could experiment with doing your own walkway if you have a normal-sized lawn and feel confident to try.

But if you have more space and time and are looking for sophisticated walkway looks, we have a final high-end walkway idea you can try.

It requires a bit more planning but the results are totally worth it.

You may never want to leave your garden again!


Walk on Water

Your walkway can be literally over a pool of water if you plan it carefully and with the help of professionals.

Building a shallow pool in an area of your lawn and creating a concrete block bridge over it can create a stunning reflection effect and give your house a very special appeal.

If you surround the walkway with lush plants, it could even resemble a small jungle and become an oasis in the middle of your neighborhood.

If you decide to go for it, make sure the pool is well-designed and sealed so your urban oasis doesn’t become an inconvenience. But if you are careful enough, everything will turn out just as you want it to.


Endless Walkway Ideas

These are only some of the possibilities out there to get you inspired and building.

You can start a big landscaping project or do it yourself. But with these materials, the result will always be lasting and beautiful.

Combine the materials you like the most or stick to only one, and always remember: your walkway is the first impression that your home gives, so make sure it looks amazing!


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