How do you make homemade maracas?

How do you make homemade maracas?
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A maraca is a musical instrument that makes a shaking sound. Kids like to play musical instruments and a maraca is one way to let kids practice their musical talents.

A homemade maraca is very easy to make and it can give kids a lot to play with. Making a home made maraca is something that you can do with your children.

It can be a quality time together and if you make a couple of these home made maraca’s you can play music together.

You need some dried beans to make a home made maraca

home made maracaYou will also need a container of some sort like a plastic jar. Do not use a glass jar or it just might break. A plastic jar is the best container to use to make hand made maracas but you can use other types of containers as well.

Anything that won’t break can work like a juice jar, or a soda bottle that is plastic. You can use a can too but you will have to find a way to close the opening.

home made maracaTake your container and place a couple handfuls of dried beans in it. You can use as many dried beans as you like as long as they can move around inside the container and make noise.

If you used a plastic bottle you can use the top of the bottle to close it up so the beans don’t fall out. If you use an empty can you can close the cover with some tape like duct tape to keep the beans inside.

You can use a empty coconut and fill it with beans and tape the coconut parts back together.

Decorate your homemade maracas

beautiful maracasAfter you have made the maraca you can decorate it with colored paper or paint designs on the container to make your maracas pretty.

Then your maracas are ready for you to use. Take them to a ball game for noise makers or use them for New Years Eve noisemakers. Make several and give them to friends and create a band with your maracas.

Making hand made maracas is a great project for a classroom

home made maracaJust get some dried beans and have the students bring in their own containers. Then let the kids put the beans in their containers and decorate them.

Making handmade maracas is fun to do and it can be a great way to let kids be creative.

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Common FAQs Answered

How do you make maracas at home?

Making maracas is a fairly simple process. Depending on the size you want, you will need at least four cups and one long strip of cloth. First, cut off one end of the cloth and then place the other end in the middle of one cup and tie it around with a rubber band or string. Next, place another cup upside down on top of that cup that is already tied together with the

What are the materials needed to make maracas?

Maracas are made from dried calabash or gourd, seeds, beads or shells.

The dried calabash is first cut in half and the seeds are removed. Then the two pieces of gourds are dried thoroughly so that they can be hollowed out by using a knife. The shells are also cleaned and sharpened into small points.

The dry seeds are then put inside the gourds, along with some beads or shells to create the desired sound. The two halves of the gourd are then sewn together with some string to create a tight seal between them.

What are the steps in making a pair of maracas?

In order to make a pair of maracas, start with a piece of wood or a gourd. A gourd is traditional for making maracas, but it can be made out of any durable material with a hole in the center. Maracas are often shaped like eggs and have handles.

The next step is to make the holes in the center. This can be done either by drilling two holes at once or by drilling one hole and then cutting it in half on an angle. The latter technique is used when you don't want to risk damaging your drill bit on such hard objects as metal or glass.

Now that you have finished carving out the insides, it's time to add some decoration. You can carve designs into the outside and inside of your maracas using

How much does it cost to make a pair of maracas at home?

A pair of maracas can cost anywhere from $10 to $200.

The materials that you need for this project will cost around $0.25. This is the cost of the materials required to make a pair, not an individual maraca. The total amount of material needed is 2 plastic bottles, pieces of cloth and a piece of string.


2 plastic bottles, pieces of cloth and a piece of string

Estimated Cost: $0.25


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