How To Prepare for Patio Heater Installation?

How To Prepare for Patio Heater Installation?
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Patio heaters have become quite popular in recent years, starting to pop up on the outdoor patios of bars and restaurants.

Before they started showing up, most people hadn’t even heard of or seen these handy heaters, but as they have been gaining popularity homeowners in growing numbers have begun to install these heaters for their own patios.

Types of Patio Heaters on the market

Types of Patio Heaters on the marketDepending on your situation a certain type of patio heater might want to be purchased. If you are short on the room you might want to invest in a tabletop model, or if it might be for bigger outings you might want to buy a full-size natural gas one. If you want portability a propane-fueled heater would be your best bet.

If you are just heating up a small patio or porch you may want to look into electric or infrared models. There are a number of solutions for your patio heater so make sure to find the one that will satisfy you in the long run.

Patio Heater Safety

Everything You Need to Know About Propane Fire Pit SafetyYou must take careful safety per cautions when choosing where to place your heater, for the heat can be a potential fire hazard. Make sure to keep it well away from any flammable and inflammable materials, things like bushes and ivy climbing up walls could be in danger.

You should also see if there are any local regulations or codes against using patio heaters, just make sure everything is fully legal and compliant with your local bylaws.

How to Power patio heater?

How to Power patio heater?There a few different types of patio heaters you can select from propane, natural gas, infrared, and electrical. Whichever kind you’re using just make sure that the line is far away from the top because the top of the heater is where it gets the hottest.

Make sure the line is safely insulated and if you really care to have a professional oversee or check the installation. Making sure everything is safe and working properly now will prevent you from any complications when using the patio heater in the future.

Distance and location of patio heater

Distance and location of patio heaterAs well as placing the heater in a careful location, be aware of the distance below the top of the heater to the surface below. If you’re standing or sitting underneath the heater you can move away if it gets too hot, but combustible materials cannot move away if they get too hot.

patio heaterThey have tabletop patio heaters as well so be careful. Any combustible material within 30 inches of the source should be considered a definite fire hazard.

In conclusion, enjoy your patio heater but make sure you observe the proper safety precautions both before and after installation to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

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