Stone Fire Pit: Build Your Own at Home

DIY Weekend Project Ideas: How to Build an Outdoor Stone Fire Pit
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The stone fire pit is a wonderful addition to any outside living area. If you choose to save some money and have some fun while doing so, you can build a stone fire pit yourself.

This is not recommended to be a project for beginners, but if you follow these steps anyone will be able to create their own.

There are many various styles of fire pits which range from fairly simple all the way to relatively complicated. Even the plainest types of stone fire pits look fantastic.

How to Build a Stone Fire PitStarting off with the basic steps to create your own stone fire pit, choose a spot in your yard that will be large enough to accommodate the stone fire pit structure you plan to create.

The spot you choose will need to be far enough away from any objects that are flammable. This includes tree branches, bushes, shrubbery, and others. Keep in mind that the walls of the stone fire pit are very thick, and will take up a large amount of space.

Next, find the center of the space you made for your stone fire pit and mark this spot with a stake. After that, take a string, tie it to the end of the stake, and stretch the string out to where you decide you would like the outer edge of your stone fire pit to be.

Move this string around in a circular motion all the way around the stake to create the entire outer wall. Mark the line you created by either digging into the ground or marking with chalk. Clear this circle of grass and dirt to prepare for the next step.

Shorten your string by about twelve inches and create another circle from the center stake. This will be the inner wall of your stone fire pit, and be sure to clear the entire area between your two circles.

DIY Weekend Project Ideas: How to Build an Outdoor Stone Fire PitNow you are ready for the concrete and stone. Mix the concrete and pour it into the evened-out circle created earlier in the pit area. Be sure that the concrete you mixed will go below ground level. Be sure to let the concrete set and dry completely before going onto the next step.

Now that you have created the base, you will need to use stones and mortar them up around the sides to create the walls of your stone fire pit.

Your stone fire pit should now be completed and ready to attract friends and family on your do-it-yourself home improvement project. Remember to keep all fire pit safety precautions in mind and have fun.


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