Tea Candles: Your Indispensable Friend at Home

Tea Candles: Your Indispensable Friend at Home
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Tea candles form an inexpensive but highly versatile class of candles which can also be referred to as tea-light, t-lite, or simply candles.

The candle is enclosed within a metal or plastic cup which retains the wax as it melts.

Thus, the candle continues to illuminate long after all the wax has melted and the entire candle is in a liquid state. T-lites are usually diminutive; their diameter is larger than their height.

Their versatility commands their inclusion in most homes for use in warming tea-pots, food, accent lighting, heating regulated oil diffusers, and decoration in churches, parties or those romantic dinners.

Owing to their small sizes, many of them are usually used simultaneously. Most stores sell them in bags of 50 or 100 candles.

Tea Candles: Your Indispensable Friend at HomeGenerally, in increasing order of quality and durability, the casing can be made of either plastic, polycarbonate, or metal. T-lite cups are created by tethering the wick to a hook located at the base of the pseudo-cylindrical casing.

This prevents the wick from floating on the liquid wax after its complete liquefaction since the density of wax is lesser than that of the melted wax. The wax is molded in the casing around the wick supporting it.

Upon burning, the wax begins to sway and swim about in the wax. Periodic checking of the tea candles is necessary to restore the wick in its central position.

teaThe primary factor considered when choosing the material to create candle holders is its inflammability. Glass, metal, and ceramics form excellent materials for holders. Candle holders are made in delightfully many designs, colors, and sizes.

Some are tiny holders designed to just hold the candle and basically protect the areas surrounding the candle from any damage caused by the heat emitted. Others are considerably bigger. They have racks that are designed to hold many candles simultaneously.

Multiple candle holders are preferred to single candleholders because most candles will be used simultaneously owing to their small sizes.

Precautionary Measures to Take when Using Tea Candles

andlesCandles can be either scented or non-scented. The scented candles emit strong aromas that are treated as allergens by the immune system in some individuals thereby triggering an allergic reaction.

Such individuals are advised to either completely avoid using scented candles, or spend more on the high-end candles that are use genuine aromatherapy oils.

tea candlesTea candles carry a considerable fire hazard. On average, they burn for four to five hours. The casing becomes extremely hot.

If the surface on which the candle is placed is flammable, the hot metal can burn into such material. In addition, the casing could craze under hot conditions, spilling wax over.

Underlying surfaces should be inflammable items such as trivets and tiles. In unfortunate events in which the candle is tipped and wax spills over, a fire can easily start and spread very quickly.

Thus, it is advisable to avoid using candles in infants’ rooms as their playfulness may cause fires and possible fatalities.

tea candlesIn a snapshot, tea candles are simply indispensable at home. They come in handier than ever during power blackouts. They are fairly affordable and very versatile. However, they have a few drawbacks.

They emit aromas which depending on the individual could cause allergies. Lastly and most importantly, tea candles should never be left unattended or the consequences could be severe.


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