Awesome Fireplace Design I Found

Awesome Fireplace Design I Found
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Fireplace design, as in all things, has gone from functional to aesthetically pleasing. I have personally built some of the most beautiful fireplaces you can imagine.

But, I’ve written about those designs. I want to introduce you to other ideas that might fit your style if you have been considering adding a fireplace to your home.

Double Decker

Awesome Fireplace Design I FoundIf you have a deck that is at least ten feet from the ground, you have a wonderful place for a double-deck fireplace. The first fireplace obviously goes on the ground level where you can build a patio with brick or stone and enjoy a fireplace experience at the lower level.

Awesome Fireplace Design I FoundExtend the fireplace up to the deck with the same brick or stone structure. Now, you have two fireplaces so that you can enjoy the fireplace experience anywhere you want to sit. Whether you are on your deck or in the backyard, there is a wonderful fireplace.

If you build a brick or stone base just below the deck, you can simply create a fireplace by making sure you give yourself a “cubby hole” about three feet from the ground and facing the yard. A steel grate works great for lifting logs and providing breathing room for the fire to burn. Then, keep building the fireplace structure up to the deck.

The deck-level fireplace should obviously be faced inward toward the house. It should be about two feet up from the deck. Top it off with a vent that is about three feet from the top of the “cubby hole” and you should be finished.

The time it will take you to build this structure is about one to two days depending on your mastery of brick and mortar, as well as your schedule. It’s a great weekend project. Mayor June makes pretty good months to do it.

Poolside Fireplaces

fireplaceThere is nothing more special than an evening in the pool. Bring it to another level by building a fireplace poolside. Of course, brick and stone are your best materials.

Create your own design and have fun with it. You cannot go wrong if you have any DIY capabilities.

In the House

Awesome Fireplace Design I FoundI’ve said this plenty of times, but I’ll say it again. Putting in a traditional fireplace in the house can cost a great deal of money. Plus, you’re talking about possible structural damage and that is a liability even with the best of contractors.

Go ventless! Ventless fireplaces can be placed anywhere around your home with just a fireplace insert and gel fuel. It’s like building a bookshelf or an entertainment center. You don’t have to knock out any walls or go through the roof. It’s ventless!

Simply pick your space! You can build out from the wall instead of putting a hole in it. You can use wood, brick, or stone. Simply design your structure and pick the best material for it. If you choose to build your structure with wood, cover it with a faux exterior like brick, marble, or stone.

You can even use drywall, mirrors, and molding. Ventless fireplaces burn with gel fuel that won’t spark and cause a flame. The flame stays contained. So, the drywall is never in danger of catching on fire.

These ideas are great for any home. The indoor ventless fireplaces are even great for apartments or condominiums.

Of course, if you don’t want to build a ventless fireplace with a fireplace insert, you can simply buy a model that fits your style. They come in all shapes and sizes for any style you choose.


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