Bonnlo 32” Outdoor Fire Pit Review

Bonnlo 32” Outdoor Fire Pit Review
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The Bonnlo 32” Fire Pit Outdoor Wood Burning Table is a simple product with a unique design. It is constructed from steel with a black heat resistant finish, so it does not get too hot with the fire on. The black color is classy, and it makes it easy for this fire pit to match any outdoor decor.

The fire bowl in this fire pit is square-shaped and well deep, so it contains sufficient fuel. It is a wood-burning unit, so it uses woods or logs as fuel, and it features a mesh fire screen to keep fire sparks contained, which makes it safer to use.Bonnlo 32” Outdoor Fire Pit Review

Inside the fire bowl are drain holes that let out ashes and water, so the fire bowl stays clean. A log rest and fire poker also come with this fire pit upon purchase. The log rest helps keep the woods elevated, so there is proper circulation of air around the fire while the poker can tend the fire or take off the mesh fire screen.Bonnlo 32” Outdoor Fire Pit Review

Putting this fire pit together is not difficult. The parts are not that much, so it takes lesser than 10 minutes to get it assembled. There are joining instructions to follow too, but you would still be able to set it up without it.Bonnlo 32” Outdoor Fire Pit Review

This is an ideal outdoor fire pit if you need one for your patio, backyard, or even camping. It is a bit large, just about the size of a standard table, and multiple persons can sit around it. The fire pit top has space, so one can place maybe drinks or the likes while getting warmed by it. This piece can also be used to cook if you want. A cooking grate is not included, so that you will get one. The manufacturers did not include any outdoor cover. You should get one along with the fire pit if you purchase it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Includes mesh screen cover
  • Includes fire poker
  • Includes log grate


  • No outdoor cover


You would find the Bonnlo 32” Fire Pit Outdoor Wood Burning Table very useful if you purchase. It is an awesome product, and the price makes it better as you don’t have to spend much.


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