Sorbus Fire Pit With Foldable Legs Reviewed

Sorbus Fire Pit With Foldable Legs Reviewed
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The design it features is straightforward, around a fire pit bowl that rests on 3 sturdy legs curved outwards. This fire pit has to do with just attaching these parts, and it really is not hard as all the tools you would need are included, and assembly instructions are provided for you to follow.

Sorbus Fire Pit With Foldable Legs Reviewed

This fire pit is a wood-burning one, the fire pit may not be too wide, but it is OK enough to contain woods that would create a warming fire. You can also burn charcoal with this fire pit, and it is an ideal one if you want to grill.

Like most wood burning fire pits, the Sorbus Fire Pit comes with a mesh cover. This cover fits well above the fire bowl, and its function is to prevent fire sparks and embers from escaping the fire bowl. An in-built log grate helps you place your woods and logs by ensuring that they are placed accordingly. You also get a lengthy poker tool, which helps you take off the mesh cover and tend the fire.Sorbus Fire Pit With Foldable Legs Reviewed

You won’t have any problems with this fire pit for portability. It is not a big fire pit and is very lightweight. Also, the legs are foldable, which makes the process better, and it is made easier by the included carry bag. You can easily fold the legs, put the fire pit inside the carry bag, and set off. The carry bag can also be used as a cover to store the fire pit and keep it safe from unfriendly outdoor elements.Sorbus Fire Pit With Foldable Legs Reviewed


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Mesh Screen
  • Fire Poker
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Carry bag



Anywhere it would be best if you had a fire pit, the Sorbus Fire Pit 22″ is sure to come in very handy. The design is sleek and attractive, making sure that the fire pit fits easily into any outdoor decor. Also, the fire pit’s material is made from quality, durable, and can maintain quality for a long while if used in the order. Finally, the price is just lovable. One spends just a few dollars to get this fire pit.


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