DIY Campfire Pit

DIY Campfire Pit
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Fires at a campsite need to be contained. There are several ways to contain a fire and some are better than others are. We need to have safety measures in place for the safety of everyone involved.

There is nothing like an out-of-control fire that can send people running in a panic. Here are two ways to build great campfires that are safe.

Cinderblock form

DIY Campfire PitIf you have cinderblocks, cement, and old oven racks, you could create this type of stove, which has a few different areas for cooking. Put three large bricks down in a line and at the end of these three bricks add another line of three bricks.

You will have an L-shape of brinks, now go ahead, and at the end of the second three bricks add in another line of bricks parallel to the first line of bricks. Now you have a ‘u’ shaped configuration of cinder blocks.

campsiteAdd to more layers of bricks on the form that you have created, lay one of the oven racks on top, and add a few more layers of bricks. When the makeshift stove is at the right height for concrete down through the holes in the bricks, thereby making it is a permanent fixture. You do not want to fill each hole with concrete because some of these holes will become holders for the barbecue utensils.

Place the other oven rack on top of you are cinderblock stove, and your stove is complete. You have two cooking racks, but you can also stand at the front and put hot dogs were marshmallows over the open flame.

The fire of course will be inside the blocks and it is contained on three sides, to prevent hot coals from leaping elsewhere. Because cement is used in its construction, it will not be not knocked down.

The oven racks are included in this so it is the perfect camp stove to boil water upon or to cook anything in a pot. However, one can cover the racks with tinfoil making it an additional grill.

Natural fire pit

Natural fire pitItems needed digging tools, large rocks, and helpers. This fire pit creates a nice wide safe spot that people can gather around for a bonfire at nightfall.

You need to dig a small wide trench. If there is a suitable large natural depression in the ground, use it instead of digging. Line the bottom of the depression along with the sides with rocks. Large flat ones go on the bottom.

This one is perfect for large families or groups to sit around as well as to roast marshmallows or hot dogs. During the day if there is a fire going in here, wrap some potatoes in tin foil and toss them inside.


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