How to Make a Indoor/Outdoor Firepit

Have A Family Dinner At The Fire Pit.
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This sure isn’t a fireplace, but for those who don’t have a fireplace, it can be a substitute. It may not warm your house in the winter months but it will sure give you the same feeling that a fireplace does.

The best part about this is that it can easily be moved outside in the summer, where you can enjoy it on your patio.

Who would have thought that a fire pit could be used year-round?

The materials that you will need for the fire pit are:

  • Gel fuel
  • Metal grate
  • Square metal planter with an edge
  • 4 pieces of glass- the glass needs to fit the length of the sides of the planter.
  • Marine silicone
  • Rocks

Step One: Apply a thin strip of silicone to the edge of a piece of glass.

Step Two: Firmly place another piece of glass into the bead of silicone. This should form a 90-degree angle.

Hold the glass for a few minutes and make sure that the glass is straight creating a 90-degree angle. If you choose you can press it against a wall and set a box on top of the bottom piece of glass ensuring that it stays in its proper place until it dries.

Step Three:

Repeat Step Two for the other two sides. Let them dry.

Step Four:

Place a bead of silicone around the bottom edge of the glass box and place on the edge of the planter. Press firmly and hold for a couple minutes. You want to make sure that there is enough of the planter’s edge on the inside to rest the metal grate on.

Step Five:

Cut the metal grate so that it fits inside the glass box, and rests on the edge of the planter.

Step Six:

Open the can of gel fuel and place in the center of the planter resting on the bottom.

Step Seven:

Place the grate so that is rests on the edge of the planter and covers the whole area.

Step Eight:

Put down a layer of rocks on top of the grate. Make sure that you leave enough room between the rocks to allow the fire to breathe.

Don’t place the rocks directly above the gel fuel. You will need to be able to get in there with a long match to light it.

You are all finished. Go get some matches and light your movable fire pit!


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