Fire Pit Safety: How to Not Burn Down Your House

Fire Pit Safety: How to Not Burn Down Your House
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A fire pit in the backyard is something almost all families can truly enjoy. Also, fire pits have a way of really catching the eye of children.

To own a fire pit is a great and convenient way to hang out with family and friends, relax, and enjoy the heat.

A fire pit is also easily made and can be built without the need for expensive materials.

Firepit safety is extremely important when using your fire pit. There are many factors to consider when using an open flame near your house. Even though some of these rules are common knowledge, it is always good to review them and take necessary precautions.

Fire Pit SafetyFirst, a lot of local codes in cities and counties will prohibit the use of open fires. Make sure to check these types of restrictions before creating and building your fire pit, only to have it shut down by city codes. In other areas, open fires are allowed, but building and general safety inspection is required.

Secondly, when placing your fire pit, you must choose a spot located a good distance away from any trees, tree roots in the ground, dry grass, shrubs and bushes, and anything else that can catch fire easily.

If there is no other choice besides building near dry grass, be sure when building your fire pit to make the walls higher than normal.

Fire Pit SafetyThird, any debris that can easily catch fire needs to be pushed back at least 10 feet from the fire pit. This includes objects such as small pieces of wood, pine needles, and leaves. You can also use water in the surrounding area of the fire pit before using it to ensure nothing catches fire.

Lastly, be sure to have a bucket or bottle of water around in case anything does go awry. A mesh screen around the fire pit will help fend off most stray flames, but it is always good to have a backup.

If you are making your own fire pit, drive a stake into your ground at what you wish to be the center.

Fire Pit SafetyCreate a circular hole about 1 foot all around the away from the center. Dig a 1 to 2-foot hole at both the center and all the way around.

Fill both holes with gravel. Now add three inches of soil or sand to contain the fire. Lastly, build a wall of concrete blocks around your fire pit to contain the fire.


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