How to Build Your Own Backyard Planter?

How to Build Your Own Backyard Planter?
How to Build Your Own Backyard Planter?
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In this article, we will discuss briefly how to build your own backyard planter in your home.

Before going to build a backyard planter let’s look at some of the advantages of backyard planters. You can grow both vegetables and flowers in your backyard..

By growing your own vegetables you can control the number of chemicals that come in contact with your vegetables. Also, the taste will be delicious when it comes to your own vegetables.

Not only vegetables you can also grow flowers in your planters.. A garden with flowers will give natural beauty to your home.

Whenever you feel stressed or need a break just go to your garden and spent 10 to 15 minutes there and surely you will feel relaxed. You don’t have to book some precious holiday packages to make yourself relieved from your stress.

All you need is a garden in your backyard and you have to spend at least 15 min in that garden.

Now let’s go straight into how to build a garden in your backyard using planters. The first thing you have to decide is whether you need a big garden or a small one for your backyard.

For big gardens, you have to build your own planter

build your own planterJust follow these steps to build your big planter in your backyard. You should first select a place where your garden can get more sunlight. After selecting your spot just decide whether you need a circular shaped garden or it should be in some other shape.

The next thing you have to do is just draw an outline for your garden and dig or excavate it for some 20 inches.

The next step is to build a boundary line; you can use cinderblocks to build this foundation. Make sure that you have given spaces for the pipelines while building these boundaries.

Now it’s time to fill your 20-inch hole with some natural manure and some good soil. River soil is best for refilling.

Next, you can build a small wall above the ground level by using some bricks or other blocks. This is the only expensive part of this process, even though you can go for the cheaper things like some low-quality bricks from your local brick shops.

This wall should be around 2 feet high. Now again you have to fill the space inside this wall with some soil and cow manure. Leave it at this stage for a week so that the soil and the manure will mix together.

build your own planterNow it’s time to plant your vegetables or flowers inside this planter and wait and watch how they grow in front of your eyes.

The next planters we are going to discuss are also called portable planters. You can move these planters along with your flowers to your desired places. Now I will teach you how to build a portable wooden planter. The first step is to select a wood that should last for a long time.

I prefer white cedar for this kind of planter. You can make it in a square shape or in a rectangle shape. Now cut your wood into lengths and make four assemblies or four sides and join these sides using tightening screws. Now make a bottom side and fit this bottom side to the earlier made assembly.

build your own planterBore drain holes at the bottom side to fit this side with the assembly. Now your planter is ready and you can plant any small plants inside this planter. You can use this planter alone or you can arrange a number of planters like this in a row to give your backyard an aesthetic look.

With this method and with a little imagination you can build a number of planters to change your backyard into a beautiful place.


Common FAQs

What is the cheapest way to make raised beds?

There are a few ways to make raised beds, but the cheapest way is to use pallets. You can get free or cheap pallets from a local hardware store or restaurant. Just remember to ask for permission if you get them from somewhere other than a store.

You will need:


What kind of wood should I use for raised beds?

Raised beds are a great way to grow vegetables and flowers in your garden. They can be made out of just about any material, including wood, but what kind of wood should you use?

Wood is a good choice for raised beds because it is inexpensive, durable and easy to work with. You can use untreated or pressure-treated lumber for raised beds if you want to avoid chemicals.

There are many types of wood that you could use for your raised bed. Cedar is a good choice because it resists decay and insects; however, it's expensive and difficult to work with. Pine is an inexpensive option that doesn't resist decay as well as cedar but does resist insects better than cedar.

How do I build an outdoor planter?

The first thing you need to do is to find a sturdy outdoor planter that will be able to withstand the weight of the dirt and plants. You can use any container so long as it has drainage holes. The container should be at least 12 inches deep, but deeper containers are better because they allow for more root space.

The next step is to fill your container with potting soil. Fill it up until there is about an inch of dirt on top of the drainage holes. Then, plant your seeds or seedlings in the soil and water them well.

Is it cheaper to build your own planter box?

If you are looking for a planter box that is both cheap and easy to build, then you might want to consider building your own planter box. There are many different types of planter boxes that can be built with different materials.

Some people choose to use pallets, which are cheaper than most other materials, but they can also be difficult to find and difficult to work with. Plywood is another option for building a planter box. It's easier to find and it's usually less expensive than other options.

You can also use cinder blocks or bricks as the foundation for your planter box, but these materials are often more expensive than plywood or pallets.


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