Three Benefits of Having Bats in Your Backyard

Three Benefits of Having Bats in Your Backyard
Three Benefits of Having Bats in Your Backyard
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While many people probably hate having to duck while they are in their own backyards you will enjoy knowing that bats have many benefits in your backyard.

I know that at times it can seem like the bat is going to be diving down and attacking your head and neck like you would see in some movies, but they typically avoid humans.

Now that I have had bats flying around in my backyard for a couple of years now I know the benefits that I can enjoy from this and here are the benefits that I have discovered.

bat myths
bat myths

The first benefit that I have found of having bats flying around my backyard at night is that I am not getting as many mosquito bites.

Now for some people that live in an area when mosquitoes are not a problem you will find that some other insects that are around your area that bite might be controlled more by having bats in your backyard.

I know that if you use pesticides to control your insects you might be like I was and trying to find a natural solution to your bug problem, bats are the answer to that!

The second benefit of having bats in your backyard is that you’re able to enjoy seeing these beautiful creatures flying around. Now if you have not had the joy of seeing a bat fly you will be amazed at how they fly.

batYou might be arguing that the bats fly the same as birds which is true in principle, but when you watch them fly you will be amazed at the bat’s agility and turning ability. It will seem like they are turning on a dime, but then you will realize that they are turning to chase after an insect that is nearby.

The third benefit is that they do not bug you. I know that like I said earlier people might consider them to be a pest and will attack them, but I have never had that problem.

So I know that if the bats in your backyards are like mine you will not have to worry about them attacking you.

Having bats in your backyard is a great thing to have. They are a great natural insect control, are a beautiful thing to see flying, and do not really have the tendency to attack us.

batSo if you have bats in your backyard you should feel blessed that they have chosen your yard and not think that it is a curse.


Common FAQs

Why are bats good to have around?

As the only mammal that can fly, bats are important for controlling insects. Bats also pollinate plants and disperse seeds.

Bats are good to have around because they control insect populations, pollinate plants and disperse seeds.

What does it mean when you have bats in your backyard?

Bats are not dangerous animals. They eat insects and fruit and they don't pose any threat to humans.

Bats are nocturnal animals that fly at night and spend the day in a cave or a tree. They live in colonies of up to 1,000 bats.

Bats can be found in all parts of the world, except for some islands such as New Zealand and Madagascar.

Are bats good to have around the house?

Bats are a misunderstood animal. They have been associated with darkness and death for centuries, but they are actually a sign of life. Bats are important because they can help control insects that spread diseases.

Bats are nocturnal animals, which means that they sleep during the day and come out at night to feed on insects like mosquitoes, flies, and beetles. They also eat fruit like bananas and plant nectar. Bats drink water by licking dew off leaves or catching raindrops on their wings.

Are bats good to have in your yard?

Bats are not always considered to be good. They are usually associated with vampires and other spooky things. But bats are actually very beneficial to the environment and can even help you out in some ways.

There is a lot of misinformation about bats, so let's clear up some of the misconceptions. First, they do not suck blood or have any interest in humans at all. Second, they do not eat mosquitoes or anything else that might be harmful to humans- they only feed on insects. Third, they don't carry rabies because their saliva doesn't contain the virus. Fourth, bats do not damage homes because they can't chew through wood or metal like rodents can- instead, they use their claws and teeth to capture bugs from leaves.


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