How to Start a Container Garden Easily?

How to Start a Container Garden Easily?
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Container gardens are great for those who have limited yard space. They are also great for those who want to decorate their pathways or patios. There are some things to consider when starting your container garden.

First think about the space you have to work with. Are you looking to use hanging planters or containers on the ground?

How much sun does the area get? If you want to plant flowers or colorful plants, think about the colors you like.

Second, realize that certain containers will have to be replaced, treated, or just are not good for container gardens

How to Start a Container Garden Easily?You do not want to use something that has too narrow of an opening, plastic pots are not good for UV light, terracotta can cause the soil to dry out quickly, and wooden contains can rot.

However, redwood and cedar are great wood choices that are not highly susceptible to rot and do not have to be treated.

Wood is a good choice because you can build the box to fit your area. If you live in a warmer area, you should use lighter colors to lessen the heat absorption. Make sure any pots you use have enough drainage holes.

On average container gardens require at least five hours of direct sunlight. Meaning there is no shade over your garden.

What vegetables to grow?

What vegetables to grow?If you know you have less than five hours of sunlight and would like to grow vegetables, I recommend growing above-ground vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli. If you know you have more than five hours of light I recommend growing below ground vegetables like carrots and radishes.

If you want to plant vegetables, I recommend looking into planting herbs as well. If you pick the right combinations, you might find you have a few pest problems with your plants as well. For instance, sweet basil will chase away hoverflies that have been known to bother fennel.

What kind of flowers to grow in a container garden?

What kind of flowers to grow in container garden?There are several flowers that are perfect for container gardens. The one thing to remember is the season and the flower you want to grow.

Ask at your garden center if you have any questions as to what flowers are best for the season you are currently in. Mums are great flowers for fall-time since they like the colder weather.

They are also known for having little to no pest problems. Once the flowers have bloomed and are starting to die, remove them. This will help the buds that have not bloomed yet to get more attention from the plant itself.

Remember the area you live in can determine the time of day you water your plants. For instance, if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, I recommend during the summer to water your plants at night.

This way the water is able to soak in and get to the roots. If you water during the day, the sun will singe the water standing on the plants and can dry out the water before it has time to soak down to the roots causing your plants to die.

I would also recommend putting any plants you are growing during the summer in an area that gets direct sunlight in the morning versus afternoon. The afternoon sun can be extremely harmful since that is when the hottest time of day is.

How to feed my plants?

How to feed my plants?Plants are very similar to us; they also need nutrients. Fertilizer is very important, and it is important to know that as you water your plant’s fertilizer will run out of the containers with the water. If you use a lighter mixed fertilizer you will lose it more quickly.

It is highly recommended to spray a diluted fertilizer with every second or third watering of your plants. Ask for help are your gardening center if you need help reading the nutrient recommendations or the labels on the different fertilizers.

Have fun decorating inside and outside your house with the plants you love. You can grow your own herbs, vegetables, or just flowers to make any area of your home more beautiful.

Ensure that you are planting right for your current season and the container you have chosen has plenty of drainages and is well cared for.


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