Avondale Steel Fire Bowl Review

DeckMate 991049 Fireplace Review
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Since Kay Home Products introduced the DeckMate Avondale Steel Fire Bowl to the market, it has attracted so many buyers, and in this review, we will be looking at what the fire pit is all about.

Product Description and features

DeckMate 991049 Fireplace ReviewThe DeckMate Avondale Steel Fire Bowl is a large outdoor fire pit product. It is a steel product finished with a vintage copper color to make it more decorative. This fire pit measures about 31 inches in diameter and stands on four sturdy steel legs at above 20 inches high when assembled. Assembling the fire pit is a bit troublesome. This is mainly due to the fire bowl’s size, but it can still be done quickly and easily if you follow the laid down instructions.

You can burn woods or artificial logs in this fire pit. The fire pit holds a good amount of wood so that you can create a roaring fire or a gentle one. Inside the fire, the bowl is a log rest. It helps you to position your woods and logs better whilst allowing good inflow and circulation of air.

Above the fire bowl is a mesh spark screen. It ensures that you are protected from fire sparks. It also makes the fire viewable from every angle. This fire pit also comes with a fire poker. Though the producers would have done a good job by adding a bit more length, it is still useful.DeckMate 991049 Fireplace Review

The DeckMate Avondale Steel Fire Bowl is not a weighty product despite its large size. It weighs about 26 pounds. Transporting a product of such size will be very easy, and to make it easier, the fire pit has carry handles on the sides.

The fire pit does not come with an outdoor cover, but it is recommended that you get one if you want to enjoy this fire pit. Customers do complain that it rusts easily, especially when left uncovered outdoors, so a cover if needed or if you can create a space for storing it indoors.

How much does the DeckMate Avondale Steel Fire Bowl cost?

The DeckMate Avondale Steel Fire Bowl is an affordable fire pit. It can be bought for about $85.


  • Affordable
  • Wide Fire Bowl
  • Includes mesh screen


  • No outdoor cover


This Avondale Firepit will work well for use as an outdoor fire pit. However, it is a product that really needs to be maintained for its quality to be intact.


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