Santiago Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Review

Living Source Concrete Propane Gas - Premium Patio Fire Pit Table
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The Santiago Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit Table is a unique outdoor fire pit, and it is rare to see a fire pit of the same design and structure as it. It is a sturdy rectangular piece made with fiber reinforced concrete material without any fancy or beautifying design, just plain. The concrete has a heat-resistant coating, so it does not get too hot from the fire it holds.
This fire pit table does not require any assembling, and it is just one piece. No other part is included upon purchase other than lava rocks. It uses propane as fuel and has a heat output of 50,000 BTU.

It is easy to use a fire pit table as well, it features an ignition system that takes just the push of a button to bring up the flames, and the flames can be adjusted. The fire pit accommodates a 20 pounds propane tank though it does not come with any. When on the highest setting, the tank can last for up to 8 hours before running out.

The Santiago Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit Table is weather-resistant but still comes with an outdoor cover to cover it when not in use. It is not too heavy as it weighs 70 lbs, but it is really not the best for a portable product. You can use the fire pit on a wooden deck, it is totally safe, and no heat resistant barrier is required.



  • No propane gas tank


Undoubtedly, the Santiago Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit Table by Living Source International is one of the best concrete fire pits that can currently be bought. The fire pit price is a bit fair because it is a very durable unit that can last for so many years.


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