Sunjoy Heirloom Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace Review

Sunjoy Heirloom Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace
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When you need warmth in your backyard or patio, an outdoor fire pit is usually the best thing to bring in. The Sunjoy manufacturers know that, so they set out to make outdoor fire pits that people can use and be happy with. One of such outdoor fire pits from Sunjoy is the Sunjoy Heirloom Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace. If you consider buying an outdoor fire pit, read this review to know if this fire pit meets your interest.

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Product Description and features

The first thing to spot about the Sunjoy Heirloom Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace is its design. It is an outdoor fire pit but looks just like the type that should be used indoors as it features a chimney and a mantle. This fire pit is quite large. It stands at above 140 centimeters in height and has a width of 60 centimeters. There will be less work to do when assembling it, and the assembly is quick and easy as all tools to be used are provided.

The fire pit has two secure open doors, and the doors also work as a screen to keep embers contained inside the fireplace and prevent them from flying out. You access the fireplace through these doors, and when they get too hot, a fire tool is included to use in opening and closing since you can’t touch them with your hands. There will be less disturbance from smoke as it is channeled out and away upwards through the chimney.

The fire pit may appear as a large product, but it is not too heavy. It weighs lesser than 60 pounds. It is recommended that you get a sturdy outdoor cover for this fire pit as it does not come with one.


  • Attractive design
  • Fire screen doors
  • Includes fire tool


  • Expensive
  • No outdoor cover


“Beautiful” is one word that totally describes the appearance of this outdoor fireplace. It is a well-built piece and very sturdy. It could last for a really long time as the materials are durable. The price might be very high, but there are several benefits to gain from buying this fire pit. Sometimes it is better to invest money in a high quality product than buying less expensive ones of less quality.


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