Best Stone Fire Pits of 2022 Reviewed

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Stone fire pits are the most preferred type of fire pit for many people, and they are the oldest form of fire pits. Nowadays, not everyone can build a stone fire pit from scratch, and it is usually a demanding task.

There are outdoor fire pits made from stone that one can buy and be confident of getting the same reliability and durability they would get from a stone fire pit. These fire pits are from different brands and manufacturers, but they are currently the top-selling stone fire pits.

– Bestseller Stone Fire Pit Comparisons Table – 

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1.Sun Joe SJFP35-STN Cast Stone Base, Wood Burning Fire Pit

Sun Joe SJFP35-STN Cast Stone Base, Wood Burning Fire PitThis outdoor fire pit was made to keep you comfortable whenever you need it, no matter the weather. The Sun Joe wood burning fire pit has a base crafted from cast stone; it is a solid and durable material.

It features a heat resistant fire bowl that measures close to 30 inches and can contain woods and logs up to 21 inches in length. You do not have to assemble anything as it comes already assembled. You are very safe when you sit around this cast stone fire pit. It features a wire mesh screen that protects people against fire sparks.

In case you want to add, remove, or adjust logs when the fire is still on, the screen hook makes that easy. This fire pit does not come with a cooking grill, but you can still purchase one from the Sun Joe manufacturers.


2.  AmazonBasics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit with Copper Accents

2.  AmazonBasics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit with Copper AccentsAmazonBasics has its stone fire pit, and it is a quality product that is worth purchasing. This fire pit was made from natural stone with copper accents, which makes it a unique product. It is well constructed and styled. Its construction makes it very beautiful and attractive. The fire bowl comes with steel, finished in black, and measures up to 22 inches in diameter.

It is wide enough to hold a good number of woods needed to create an enjoyable outdoor fire. This fire pit stands on four curved but sturdy legs that keep it stable and complement its overall design. A fire screen is featured too, it is styled like a dome and helps keep the fire sparks contained. This product is portable, it has very little weight, and the manufacturers included a log grate and fire tool.


3. Bond 67456 Pinyon Gas Stone Look Fire Pit

Bond 67456 Pinyon Gas Stone Look Fire PitThe Bond outdoor fire pit is one exciting product. It is not an outdoor fire pit made from stone, but one with a stone look. It is made from fire-resistant inorganic material and designed to look like a real stone fire pit. From the look, it could easily pass as one.

This fire pit is used Gas. It does not come with a propane tank, so you would need to get one yourself. It emits up to 30,000 BTU of heat when lighted, a 20 lb tank is ideal for it, and you can still purchase from the Bond manufacturers. Lava rocks and a 10-inch long hose are included with a Tank Seat Holder where you can place your gas tank. This product has a bit of weight,   better to be placed in a semi-permanent location.


4. Best Choice Products Home Outdoor Patio Natural Stone Gas Fire Pit

Best Choice Products Home Outdoor Patio Natural Stone Gas Fire PitBest choice products did an impressive job with the production of this outdoor fire pit. It was made from magnesium oxide material and featured a stonework design that makes it attractive. Not much work is needed for installing this natural stone fire pit. You do as little as just connecting the gas tank to the fire pit with the included propane hose.

It features a burner made from steel, and the fire is started with an easy to operate spark-ignition button, and the flame can be adjusted. With a 20 lb tank – which you will purchase separately – the fire can burn for long hours before running out, and this fire pit has a 30,000 BTU output capacity. Also included in the package are Lava rocks and a cover to secure the fire pit.


5. Santiago Concrete Propane Gas Fire Pit Table by Living Source International

The Santiago Concrete Fire Pit is a fire pit with a lot of luxury to offer anywhere it is placed. From its appearance and designs, it sure is a beautiful and classy product. It was built with water-resistant concrete material, a very sturdy and durable material that hardly breaks or wears off.

With a push-button ignition system, this fire pit burns with propane gas and has an adjustable flame feature. It is a mighty propane gas fire pit as it has a heat output of about 50,000 BTU. The propane gas tank is not provided, so you should budget to get it a separate product.  A cover is provided, so you get to secure this concrete fire pit when not in use.


6. Belle Stone Propane Fire Pit Table by Orren Ellis

Belle Stone Propane Fire Pit Table by Orren EllisThis propane fire pit by Orren Ellis has a bit similar design and structure with the previously mentioned product. With an exterior made of stone and a burning area made of steel, this fire pit is trusted to be durable and capable of lasting for years.

It is a fire pit table, so there is plenty of room at the top where one can place things like drinks or appetizers. As a propane gas fire pit, it uses an ignition system to start the fire and emits about an outstanding 50,000 BTU of heat to warm everyone around it.

The propane gas tank to be used is something that you would have to purchase yourself as none is included. For your safety, the manufacturers advise that this fire pit is kept at least 48″ away from any object.


7. Concrete Propane Fire Pit by Real Flame

Concrete Propane Fire Pit by Real FlameHere we have a vintage but very stylish designed outdoor fire pit from Real Flame. The design is actually very stunning and can easily blend with the decor of anywhere it is placed.

With a burning area made from steel and an exterior made from concrete material, this fire pit is a durable one. It uses propane gas and has an output of 50,000 BTU. Included in the purchase are an 8″ hose, lava rocks, and a tank seat, the tank itself is not included.

This fire pit uses an electronic ignition system. The flame is adjustable and can last for up to 9 hours on a high setting and up to 26 hours on a low setting. Despite its structure, the Real Flame concrete propane fire pit is portable and not too heavy. When not in use, you should secure this concrete propane fire pit with the sturdy weatherproof covers it comes with. It helps in maintaining its quality.


8. Colton Faux Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit Table by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse

Colton Faux Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit Table by Laurel Foundry Modern FarmhouseThis fire pit is a funny one, and I say funny because of its construction, but it is a quality product. Many customers have found it a very reliable and useful diaper; it is a stone fire pit you can opt to buy. It is not too big, which makes it very mobile.

This Colton faux stone fire pit was crafted from concrete, but the smoking area consists of cast iron. It is deep enough to hold woods to create a moderate outdoor fire, and you can start the fire with either a match stick or a lighter. Not only can you burn wood with this fire pit, but you can also burn charcoal as well. A spark screen is provided to protect against fire sparks, also included is a fire poker and filler.


9.  Retro Stone Propane Fire Pit Table by Peaktop

Retro Stone Stone Propane Fire Pit Table by PeaktopThe Retro Stone propane fire pit is one that delivers warmth. It is a fire pit table with an exterior made of stone, finely constructed with an elegant design and much space left at the top. This fire pit is a propane gas fire pit. It gives out an output of about 40,000 BTU of heat. After purchase, no assembly is needed as it comes ready to be used.

There is space provided at one of the sides where you will place your propane gas tank. The tank will have to be purchased separately as the Retro Stone fire pit does not come with any. However, the hose for connecting the gas tank with the fire pit is provided along with a sturdy cover to protect it from the weather.


10. Bond Petra Stone Propane Gas Fire Pit

Looking at this fire pit, it looks like the perfect stone fire pit because it is all rocky. The design is impressive and classic, which is the reason why it easily matches any outdoor decor. There is more to this fire pit than just the design.

It is a durable one as it is made from stone with a smoking area made from steel. It emits about 50,000 BTU. You would have to provide the gas tank, but it comes with lava rocks and glass fire beads.

This fire pit is of excellent quality, and you would have no problems with assembling it for use. The Bond Petra propane gas fire pit is easy to use. This is mainly because of its electronic ignition with push buttons. The flame is also adjustable so that one can choose between high and low.


11. Poojari Concrete Propane Fire Pit by Red Barrel Studio

Red BarrelStudio’s fire pit is a small-sized one, the type of fire pit placed on top of a table. The design it features is simple, no much styling, just plain – like a concrete bowl. It is very lightweight and an ideal fire pit for a patio.

The Poojari concrete fire pit is a propane gas fire pit (we’ve had many of them on this list). It is strong as it was made from concrete. You do not need to assemble a thing; the only thing needed to be done after purchasing this fire pit is to buy the gas tank.

It emits about 40,000 BTU of heat and uses an ignition control system with an adjustable flame feature. The lava rocks to be placed inside the bowl are included in the purchase, along with a sturdy cover to protect the fire pit.


12. Wall Stone Propane Fire Pit by Loon Peak

Wall Stone Propane Fire Pit by Loon PeakIf you need a fire pit with that perfect stony and rigid structure, the Wall Stone Propane Fire Pit by Loon Peak should be one of the products to choose from. This fire pit is well constructed to be durable with cast stone, which is heat resistant.

It uses an LP tank, and though it is not provided, there is space kept alongside the unit where it should be placed when bought. This fire pit is easy to operate. It uses an ignition control powered by an AAA battery. Once connected, pushing the ignition button is all it takes for the flame to light. The manufacturers guarantee you quality as this stone propane fire pit is covered with a one year warranty.


13. Fossil Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit by Natural Concrete Products Co

This wood-burning fire pit by Natural Concrete Products Co is a nice fire pit that you can use. It is well designed to be luxurious with its multicolored textured surface. The exterior of this fire pit is made from concrete. The fire bowl is, however, made from rust-resistant steel material. After purchase, you would need to assemble it, it could be a bit demanding, but you’ll be done in no time.

Detailed directions and guidelines are provided to assist with the assembling. The fire is easy to start. It can be started using a match or a lighter. One advantage of this fire pit is its gas conversion feature, although the gas conversion kit is not included. Overall, this product is recommended because it is durable.


14. Sean Concrete Wood Burning Fire Pit by Freeport Park

Sean Concrete Wood Burning Fire Pit by Freeport ParkHere we have a lightweight fire pit, and a reliable one too. This outdoor fire pit is a beautiful piece and can easily match the decor anywhere it is assembled. The quality is nice too. It was made from concrete with a gray color finish.

The material makes this fire pit very sturdy and durable. With a wide steel fire bowl, this fire pit can create an appropriate fire as it can hold as many woods as needed. You would need to assemble it after purchasing, but it is just partially as you have to do very little. This fire pit comes with a spark screen.

The spark screen is there to protect you from fire sparks, and also included are a fire poker and a sturdy cover. Getting the Sean Concrete Wood Burning Fire Pit for your patio or backyard is not a bad choice.


Are lava rocks suitable for fire pits?

Lava rocks are excellent and ideal stones for fire pits. The reason why they are right is mainly that they are heat resistant, they are porous and do not hold heat, so they crack or explode when heated.

Can the fire pits be placed on a wooden deck?

it is not advisable to place any of the fire pits listed here on a wooden deck. This is because wood is a flammable surface and can easily get burnt.

Is assembly required for the fire pits?

For most of the fire pits listed in this article, one will be required to assemble them. However, the assembly is usually straightforward and can be completed within little time.

Does the fire pit require additional parts?

The fire pits mentioned on this list do not require additional parts. Usually, everything is included in the purchase when you buy except for the gas fire pits which you may need to purchase the gas tank for it. Make sure you buy from a renowned store to ensure that you get everything.

What type of fuel does the fire pits use?

Fire pits of different types were listed in this list. The type of fuel used can be either wood, logs, or gas. Before making any purchase, you should confirm from the specification to know the kind of fuel it uses.

Can the fire pits be left outside all year long?

Yes, these are outdoor fire pits and are supposed to be outside at all times. But, you do not just leave your fire pit outside like that if you want it to last for you. You should make sure it is safe; getting a sturdy fire pit cover is always recommend.

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