Simple Decorating to Brighten Up Winter

Simple Decorating to Brighten Up Winter
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Does the middle of winter give you the blahs?

If you’re like me, February brings a strong desire for spring and a real dislike for winter. Even if the weather is wintry outside, you can dress up the inside of your home to give you a touch of Spring.Simple Decorating to Brighten Up Winter

Here are a few simple ideas to brighten up your winter and give you a feel for spring’s beauty.

Change Your Curtains

A quick curtain change can make a huge difference in any room. Opt for bright and cheery colors and patterns to liven up the room.

Tablecloths and Placemats

In your kitchen, add a brightly-colored spring-like tablecloth or pretty placemats. Look for patterns that will make you think of spring–floral prints are especially nice.

Throw Rugs

A new throw rug in a cheery color can give any room a new look. Take a stroll through your local thrift store or dollar store for cheap rugs that will give your room a facelift.

Throws Over Furniture

furnitureI keep several throw blankets around my furniture during the winter to offer warmth to myself, my kids and any visitors who stop by.

To give the living room a brighter, less wintry look and feel, opt for throws in floral prints and brighter colors. Drape them over the furniture to give the furniture a temporary new look and feel.

Rearrange Furniture

furnitureOne of the best ways to give any room a fresh new look is to rearrange the furniture. If your rooms are small, like mine, this may not be the best option but perhaps moving a few things–an end table, a coffee table, a chair–can make a refreshing statement.


Paint is a more permanent decorating option, but perhaps you can simply paint cabinets, paint an end table, or add decorative effects (stencils, stamps) to your walls for a spring upgrade.

Add Lighting

One of the worst things about winter is the darkness. It gets dark early and when the sky is overcast it is dark and dreary. Add some strategic lighting to any room to create a cheerier look and feel. Invest in floor lamps or pendant lamps to add lights.

Spring Scents

While pleasant scents aren’t visual items to refresh a room, how the room smells can affect your mood in the room. When you have a hankering for spring, grab some air freshener or a few spring-scented candles (floral, fresh linen, fresh rain) and make the room smell great.


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