Unique Homemade Chair Cushions Ideas for an Enclosed Porch

Unique Homemade Chair Cushions Ideas for an Enclosed Porch
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Chair cushions are a must when using outdoor chairs on an enclosed porch, especially wicker and other woven varieties.

However, they do not have to come from the store. Some of the most comfortable and affordable options are homemade.

Because they are handcrafted they are unique, and they can be made to coordinate with any color, pattern or style. Use these ideas for making homemade chair cushions, and transform ordinary furnishings into something that matches your unique decorating style.

Fill Decorated Burlap Bags with Pillow BattingFill Decorated Burlap Bags with Pillow Batting

When decorating an enclosed porch with country cottage or garden style, consider homemade chair cushions made with burlap bags.

Add text and/or designs using acrylic craft paint.

After the paint dries, fill them with pillow batting or pillow forms. Whipstitch the open ends by hand using heavy cotton thread.

It does not matter if the stitches show since these homemade cushions are already rough around the edges. The stitches will add something more to their unique handcrafted charm and original style.

Use an Old Bed Skirt Instead of Buying New FabricUse an Old Bed Skirt Instead of Buying New Fabric

Do you have an old bed skirt that you do not plan to use for the original purpose? If you have been saving it for a craft project, consider using the material for homemade chair cushions.

Depending upon the color, design, and type of fabric, they can be ideal for an enclosed porch. If the fabric is not wide enough, create a patchwork design.

Use a sewing machine to stitch the pieces together to create coverings of just the right size. Fill them with pillow forms or batting to create soft and comfortable seats to fit the chairs.

Make No-Sew Chair Cushions with FleeceMake No-Sew Chair Cushions with Fleece

If you would rather not do any sewing, painting, or any other crafting when coming up with homemade chair cushions for your enclosed porch, consider using fleece fabric. Buy it by the yard, or repurpose an extra throw. Cut the fabric into two squares of equal size for each cushion.

cushionThey should be about 8 inches larger than required, and they should fit a pillow form. Cut 4-inch matching strips around the square using a sharp pair of fabric scissors.

Tie corresponding strips together using ordinary knots. Finish tying the strips after adding the pillow forms. They will look fantastic, and they will feel exceptionally comfortable.

You do not have to sew a single stitch to create comfortable chair cushions for your enclosed porch or any other room in your home.


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