Helix Maduro Cigars Are Sweet Treats

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Honduran cigars have a reputation for strength, but sometimes there’s a gem that leaves you relaxed and fulfilled even with a mild flavor. One of these is the Helix Maduro, which in the 5×50 size, is a cigar that you should give a chance. The Helix Company is not as well known as an industry giant and has only been around since the early 2000s. Yet this “new kid on the block” is worthy of being considered premium, and for those interested in a satisfying experience with a smaller cost, they are a great choice. The Helix’s also come with a natural wrapper, but I’m in love with their Maduro one. It just has a level of sweetness that I’ve been hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

A lot of “cigar experts” scoff at Maduro wrappers, but I find them to be a great “change of pace.” Sure, most of the cigars I smoke have natural wrappers, but having a sweet, sugary cigar can be a laid-back experience when reading a book or after grilling a steak on the patio. The Helix Maduro wrapper has a bit of a bite to it, but it’s still mellow enough for newer smokers, and I like how you can taste sugar, some spices, along hints of chocolate and berries. There’s almost an infusion of citrus as well, but this does not give you heartburn like a cup of orange juice would. Its taste is fairly complex for its price, and I’ve been impressed to smoke these regularly due to the refinement associated with them.

This isn’t the prettiest cigar on the market, but I do like the dark wrapper. It’s a bit veiny, and while it wouldn’t be considered acceptable for “gifting purposes,” it’s a fine smoke for those who don’t judge a book by its cover. There’s a bit of oily texture to it, but the wrapper keeps the tobacco binder appropriately tight in all the right places. The smoke volume is excellent, and a guillotine cut will provide loads of sweet flavors to enjoy. Although it does have a bit of a kick at the beginning, it mellows down with time, and by the end of the experience, you’ll look forward to having another one.

The construction is above average as well. This is a cigar that can take some abuse. You can carry this in a shirt pocket or even in a backpack when camping, and it will allow you to have this by the fire. I truly love these when camping and have found that they are paired well with brandy or a cup of coffee. Cutting these leaves no loose clippings, and they hold up until the very nub. You can easily get a couple of inches of white ash, which contrasts nicely with the dark Maduro wrapper.

You might have to look a bit to find them, but at $3 a stick, they are well worth the search. Many tobacco stores have them, but from experience, I’ve found it best to order them online. The shipping of these treasures only takes a couple of days, and I’ve never had any lack of humidification issues with these arriving at my doorstep. Give one a try and see, because even experienced smokers I know have also found this one to be a real gem. For beginners, you can save a lot of money smoking one of these rather than the famous “newbie Macanudos.” This is a really impressive cigar in its price range and much better than several that cost substantially more.